Don’t make your bed

Ever since we were little, most of our parents would tell us to clean our room and that would include making the bed. Almost everyone had this thought while making their bed and that is, “Why do I need to make my bed…it’s just going to get messy again.” Well everyone who ever had that thought, here’s the answer you’ve been looking for.

Apparently when you make your bed it stimulates dust mites. What are dust mites you say?! They are insects that live in places where humans live, like a house. Also the mites are so small that you can’t see them with your eye.

While you sleep at night about 1 million or maybe more dust mites are there with you, especially when when the temperature is moist.  According to a Kingston University study “the bugs which are less than a millimetre long feed on scales of human skin and produce allergens which are easily inhaled during sleep.”

The only way these insects survive is by pumping from the atmosphere into the glands on their body. A way to keep the dust mites away is by keeping our beds unmade. This helps the moisture that you were laying on to leave. The mites will then die each by each everyday

This reminds me of the worms and how kids from the higher economic background don’t usually have worms in their stomach. So if we don’t make our bed every day then there will be less dust mites to worry about.





13 thoughts on “Don’t make your bed

  1. Bowen Wang

    I have never seen as many as comments as you get in this post. It seems that you have got lots of attention and agreements based on the content. Good for your choices.
    As you said in the beginning we were taught to make our bed every morning and that could be as horrible as get out of our bed to us. While I’ve also heard about that it is not a smart idea to make your bed everyday so that the sheets are exposed to the air directly. It is quiet confusing for us what to do is the best for our life and health. When things like this happens we should always ask science to help improving our living standard.
    There are also many other articles indicates that it is necessary for us to clean our bad on a daily basis. Especially from a phycological perspective. From the article posted on BuzzFeed which shows that make up our bed could be a good scale of whether a person have good habit or not as well as a good indicator for a person’s willpower.
    I guess whether make up our bed or not could be a judgement call depends on the person, while there are certainly ways to help us make prevent bacterials away from us. What we know that one of the most effective way to help us protect ourselves from those bad guys on our sheet in washing them on a more regular bases. As studies shows that only 44% women and roughly about 10% of mens wash their sheets once a week. That is way not enough to make sure our sheets are clean enough for us to sleep.

  2. Yu-ting Chien

    It’s cool to hear that making the bed unmade can actually have less dust mites. I have never think of that! It’s actually quite an interesting topic. My eyes have allergy to dust mites and every time I sleep in the hotel, which does not have high-quality, my eyes turn red immediately. I really want to know how to reduce the dust mites during the past few years. Now I know that!! Thank you for posting this blog.

  3. Sang Hyun Cho

    I never though that leaving my bed unmade would be healthy for me. It truly is unsettling to think about all the bugs and mites that live in the creases between your beds. Really great article and great topic. I can’t wait to read more on this topic. This blog made me so happy that I don’t have to make my bed anymore.

  4. Rob Buckley

    I always knew there was a reason why i never made my bed, even though i didn’t know until now. it is a little disturbing knowing that theres insects in our beds. This post is great, but also is going to have me washing my sheets twice day.

  5. Stephen B Caruso

    So happy to know this! I now have a valid reason to not make my bed in the morning. I always wondered the purpose of making the bed when it would just be continuously unmade every night. Pretty pointless in my opinion. But to learn that un made beds results in less dust mites is surprising to learn since societies norms are to always make your bed each morning.
    I looked into the topic more and found this article. You should read it if you are curious to learn more.

  6. Jennifer Lee Wales

    This is great because now I won’t feel guilty about not making my bed! I never even thought there could be a scientific reason why making beds would be a bad idea!

  7. Brooke Kaiden

    Well it is kind of gross to know that I have about 1 million visitors with me when I go to sleep every night, and I am 100% freaked out. I never make my bed, like ever so I guess I’m doing something right. For me, I don’t think that people should waste time in their day to do it when they are just going to undo it later. It is kind of weird to think that there are bugs in my bed and now all I want to do is wash my sheets blankets. In college is it very typical that students eat in their bed so now just imagine how more bugs are in the bed from food. When I go home and my mom tells me to make my bed I am going to tell her no and describe to her the bug situation.

  8. Hung Chieh Wang

    My mom always told me make the bad. She said it looks better and it’s a good habit. I never like making bad and always tried to avoid it. After reading you article, I won’t make my bed again. I knew there are dust mites all around us, but I thought we can only get rid of them by washing. Don’t making bed safe my time and get away dust mites, it’s a win-win. Good topic, thanks for sharing.

  9. Eric Horowitz

    This was a great post and a great excuse to use when i am trying to explain when my parents come up why my bed isn’t made. Overall funny post but do think making it ever once in awhile will be fine since it does give structure and order to life each day if you make your bed

  10. azb5768

    Wow this blog was so interesting to read. I always thought that when my bed was made it made it cleaner and got rid of all the dust mites that could potentially be on my bed. Now i know that when not making my bed it actually gets rid of it. Although i feel like grossed out and uncomfortable when my bed isnt made everyday, I’ll keep in mind that dust mites are accumulating and i rather just keep it unmade. Hey thats time being saved from not making it and im okay with that.

  11. Natalia Paternina

    This made me laugh and think of my mom because she would disagree 100%. However, I hate making my bed so your blog post made me happy. It’s interesting to see how there could be contrasting opinions on the subject, since I’ve heard several times that making your bed can improve your life since it increases productivity. I guess you just need to evaluate if increased productivity is worth the dust mites!

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