how sounds affect water?


Water – is a key element in the world, without it life itself is impossible. All organisms are composed mostly of water (from 80% to 99%). Japanese scientist and healer Masaru Emoto discovered how sounds affect water’s structure. First of all water can absorb and store sound effects. Using powerful electron microscope, Emoto showed how much frozen water’s structure depends on the sounds absorbed

Here is how unstructured water looks like:


Next image shows the structure of water after 1 hour praying. Instead of shapeless spot, smooth and beautiful  six-rayed “snowflake” appeared. This transformation takes place because of the correct pronunciation of prayer’s voice; and the sound pressure is equal to the frequency of the magnetic field of the Earth (it is 8 dB).



Overall, the words that people associate with evil, aggression, fear, etc. destruct water. Structures turn it into a chaotic, incomplete and fragmentary crystals. Water charged with “positive” words, in contrast, has a clear, snowflake structure, covered by beautiful patterns.

Here are couple of examples:

Angel(left) and demon(right)

angel demon

Music, as well words, can also affect water structures. Heavy metal, deathcore, black metal and etc. create water spoils, such as trembling and vibration; whereas Mozart’s music creates smooth crystal clear structures.

Vivaldi four seasons:


John Lennon imagine:





Summing everything up, water is able to heal, and at the same time destroy entire cities and civilizations. Events that occur in the world – are the reflection of  charge that we are laying in the information field, formed by water.


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  1. Mehmet Fevzi Eygoren

    This is really cool! I wonder if there any other effects to the water when you speak to it. If you say positive things to it, can it become more beneficial in a way? And vice versa. I think that this topic should be experimented on! It seems very interesting, and it really is amazing how it can change forms just by absorbing different sounds.

  2. btm5243

    This was so fascinating. I never knew that sound could actually affect water. I really thought it was cool and very helpful that you showed us pictures of how the different sounds affected the water. This blog is unique and new to me. I had never heard something like this before and I am glad I came across your blog. Great job.

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