Is it good or bad to have plants in the bedrooms?

Many people love to have plants at home. People might place them on the balcony, in the living room or even in the bedroom. Placing plants in the house always provide a suitable and relaxing environment to people. However, recently, some information  indicate that where the plants are placed is actually important and some people also believe that it is bad to place plants in the bedroom. Is that true?




Whether to put plants in the bedroom is actually still a controversial issue. Dr. Mao suggested people to remove the plants from the bedroom when people are sleeping. He said that there is no light at night and cannot enable plants to process photosynthesis. Instead, most plants “reverse the process of photosynthesis and breathe”. It means that plants consume carbohydrates and oxygen and produce carbon dioxide and water. He pointed out that it would be better to remove the plants to the living and working place, such as kitchen.


When we were in the middle school, teachers taught us that plants are processing in photosynthesis, which produces oxygen, and respiration, which produces carbon dioxide. The process of photosynthesis can only process under the sunlight, which mean that photosynthesis stops at night. Therefore, plants stop producing oxygen and instead, they consume oxygen to process respiration. Due to this statement, many  people considered that plants will consume the oxygen in the bedroom if we put them there and thus believe that it is better to remove the plants in the bedroom. However, according to Danit Brown, he argued that plants, which consumed such a little amount of oxygen, is not a big deal to the people who sleep in the bedroom. Besides, Mr. Matthew Green also claimed that placing plants in the bedroom consumed far less oxygen which may not have huge impact to human beings.


So, there are still no directly evidence to prove that putting plants in the bedroom can cause negative impacts to people. People still have different views about it. Hopefully, in the future, there will be some solid evidence to prove that whether it is harmful to put plants in the bedroom.