Is Laughter Really the Best Medicine?

The old adage that “laughter is the best medicine”, is one that we have all heard and most of us including myself accepted this as true. But is it really true? In theory this seems plausible at least to me. Due to the reasoning that most people laugh when they are happy, consequently happiness seems to be linked with laughing. And being happy seems like something that could definitely be the best medicine someone could have, everyone feels better when they are happier. But does the science back up this saying?

From the research that I have gone through the majority says that in fact laughter is the best medicine for multiple reasons. One, that laughter relaxes the entire body. From what I have experienced this completely makes sense. When I am laughing and having a good time I completely forget about the troubles in my life, let go and enjoy the moment. That is true relaxation, and through laughing I can achieve this. I feel that a medicine is something that calms you, and makes you feel better a result of laughing. In the article I found here stating the other two reasons which were: that laughter increases the immune system. This going along with the relaxation aspect because when you are laughing your stress is decreased and the immune system receives a boost.

The next reason is that laughter releases endorphins that make us feel good. This can temporarily cover up pain and releases chemicals that make us feel a certain way that we cannot describe. After looking at these reasons I myself can attest to them having these effects on me and would have to agree that laughter is the great medicine. Although I don’t think I would agree it is the “best” medicine. In this article they oppose the belief that laughter is the best medicine even though they do agree it is very helpful with many things. There are other medicines doctors have created that are truly extraordinary and cannot be compared to laughing logically. Laughter is very important and great but being called the best medicine is an overstatement.


5 thoughts on “Is Laughter Really the Best Medicine?

  1. Gwyneth Mulliken

    I love this article! I completely agree, I think that laughing is a great way to release endorphins and in return become happier. Often time when people are sad or going through a tough time, laughter holds many benefits that you get from taking medicine. It releases chemicals in your body that make you happy, relaxed, and de-stressed. It also burns calories which will make you feel healthier and better about yourself.

  2. Kelsey Donehower

    I love this post. I definitely am more a laugher than a a crier, which is good, and sometimes I/m a crying laugher. I definitely believe that laughter is good for the health of the body. Just the fact that smiling uses 26 muscles shows that it improves health. My senior quote was “life is better when you’re laughing.” I love laughing and think that laughing and happy people increases the happiness of other people, and then its just a chain reaction. To me, laughing is definitely contagious!

  3. Nicholas Sivak

    Laughter always highlights different parts of my life. I usually tend to remember things that I find funny, and then I have a story I can then share with others. I wonder how effective laughing is when you come down with something like the cold. I know the last thing I want to do when I am wrapped up in bed coughing is to laugh. But I wonder if it actually would help in that instance to ave a laugh to feel better. Cool post!

  4. Gregory Giliberti

    Even though an experiment on this issue would be a bit of a stretch, maybe you could run such a study that tested endorphin levels between laughter, phenylalanine (which is known to help boost endorphin levels), and a control of no laughter/pill. After using whatever treatment you were assigned twice daily, endorphin levels could be measured after 7 weeks.

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