Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana seems to be a pretty big topic of debate lately.  Many states in America are legalizing medical marijuana even though marijuana is still a schedule 1 drug in the eyes of the federal government.  23 states and Washington D.C have made medical marijuana legal.  Colorado and Washington are the only 2 states in which recreational marijuana is legal.  Pennsylvania has had bills going around to legalize medical marijuana but nothing was passed. 

There are many benefits of medical marijuana.  Marijuana can help with seizures, nausea, vomiting, pain and more.  Smoking marijuana can cause harm to one’s lungs so the best way to take it for medical purposes is in an edible or oil.  This way you can get medicated without harming your lungs from smoking marijuana.  Medical marijuana is being used to help children who have a lot of very bad seizures everyday and these kids usually take edibles or oils to help them with their condition.  If children take doses of THC and CBD (2 active substances in marijuana) each day then their seizures can completely subside.

I think that medical marijuana should be legalized since there are kids in states where it is illegal who could enormously benefit from being able to use medical marijuana to help their condition.  As for recreational marijuana I am think that it is fine as long as you have to be 21 to purchase.  If you are this age I feel that if you really want to be smoking marijuana in your home then that’s fine.  As long medical marijuana and recreational marijuana are taxed, monitored and controlled I think that it would benefit the United States.  It would be creating a new economy and this would help create jobs which is good for the economy, but it will also make the state government a lot of tax money.  In Colorado, most of the tax money is used on creating and improving the state’s school system and I think this is a great idea for other states who legalize medical or recreational marijuana.



2 thoughts on “Medical Marijuana

  1. lmm6078

    I believe that Medical Marijuana should be allowed in every state in the United States. It amazes me how Alcohol is sold world wide even though the affects can be more harmful to the human body than marijuana (if it has an negative affects).

  2. Grace K Hayba

    While I agree medical marijuana does have its benefits, marijuana can also be extremely dangerous. When taken in excess, marijuana makes individuals unaware of their actions, putting them at heightened risk of performing dangerous activities. Although marijuana can make individuals happier and more at peace with the world, it can also be deadly. There is no doubt if it continues to grow on a larger scale that it must be monitored with extreme caution.

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