Sleep, Too Much of a Good Thing?

Have any of you every thought that you could have too much sleep in one night. I bet many of you have never considered that to even be a remote possibility. Well guess what its true. There is such thing as too much sleep and it has been linked to some pretty serious medical conditions.

According to a study oversleeping can be linked to discuss such as diabetes and heart disease. These are very serious consequences that could arise from just oversleeping. In this study however, the researches where clear to point out that over sleeping is mostly occurring in people experiencing depression.

In a study conducted by Dr. Franco Cappuccino, where people where analyzed and divided into 3 categories based on sleep schedule, there was a staggering number of people who slept longer than 8 hours daily that passed away earlier than those who slept 8 hours daily. Specifically 12% of those who slept fewer and 30% of those who slept longer passed away before those who slept 8 hours daily.

This was a terrifying study because who would have thought that just sleeping in a little linger than normal would cause you to die earlier in life.

My question to you is, Do you get your 8 hours every day?