Do technology improvement make our life better? -Introduction

In this blog period, I want to do something different than what I have already did in the first period that I want to use the whole blog period to introduce you about only one topic: “Do technology improvement make our life better?” and I am more confident about doing my blog this way after Andrew said about the blog today.

Mercedes-Benz F 015 Luxury in Motion Self-driving cars

For most of the people may give a ‘yes’ with no doubt because what we are embedded in those advanced technologies today and ” we cannot live without these technologies”. The creation of Engine make the term “transportation” sounds real, the creation of internet allow us to access information in a much convenient way, the creation of smart phones ensure us could travel with the least item that we are going to bring, etc. For all those example I have list, technology improvement does make our life better, and I have to admit that I am a crazy fan about advance technologies because all of them are so cool and they just make us closer and closer to ” the future show in the threater”. However, there are voice about technology is the thing which cause humanity a lot of trouble. The invention of engine allow all those automobile run on the street which cause the environmental problem by the exhausted gases.

Dean Kamen’s incredible robot arm is good to go

The invention of the internet reveal people’s privacies and the anonymous strangers always create panic and chaos. Indeed, the smartphone is one of the best inventions in the world, and I love it so much, but people also claim that the Smartphone creates problems on study, health and the society. Thus, we can see a lot of evidence are on both sides of the balance, which means both arguments are solid to exist and I am going to share some of my understanding towards to each argument in the several blogs after.

Siri (iOS9)

In these series of blogs, I am not going to focus on those common issue that people are used to in their lives mentioned above: I am going to point my finger on the topic which is popular recently: New energy automobile, AI-Vocie Assistance , Nano-Patch, and Artificial Body Part. Hope you will like it.


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