Why consumption of Alkaline water is Best !

Poland Spring, Deer Park, and Aquafina are just a few of the most commonly purchased water bottles by consumers here in America. Water, otherwise known as dihydrogen monoxide in the scientific world, is an essential element to survival. Humans specifically have many modified ways for intaking water such as sodas, juices, or teas. The constant drinking of water specifically, can help to flush your internal body systems, and aid in receiving hydration without absorbing many additives or preservatives. There are many water companies to choose from, but which one’s are the best for you? Well here is the reason behind why it is safe to agree that alkaline water companies are the most beneficial to the functioning of our bodies.

What exactly is alkaline water? How does it benefit the human body?

Alkaline water is water that is less acidic on the pH scale. In a healthy human body, major organs are made up of over 60% of water. The body it self works to turn any acidic components absorbed into a more alkaline (base or basic) level. Whether we decide to eat more acidic or basic foods, our bodies try their best to maintain an alkaline level around the pH of 7.45 throughout its bloodstream. Alkaline water naturally forms in springs where water passes over rocks, picking up minerals, which increases its basic content. Through the addition of minerals in alkaline water, when digested alkaline water is absorbed and quickly able to help with bodily functions.

The human body works to maintain a slightly alkaline pH level around 7.35-7.45. Alkaline blood benefits can do wonders in assisting the body to prevent various diseases or infections. Many doctors such as Dr. Vega has done a lot of investment into the study and research behind the benefits of maintaining a more acidic body verses a more alkaline body. Humans should ingest more alkaline products to live; Those who ingest more acidic non nutritional products are more likely to be hindering their bodies in comparison to someone who intakes more alkaline foods. Here is a video based on this logic. Dr. Vega conducted an examination of a patient’s red blood cells. As they moved from being acidic to alkaline, there became more profound benefits. Although Dr. Vega’s study was based a-pun the consumption of eating Goji berries, drinking alkaline water is still apart of the effective “alkaline diet”. More acidic water would be considered harmful and apart of an “acidic diet”.

The Affects of Acidic water on your Blood!

When acidic water is absorbed into the bloodstream, reducing the pH level of the blood. Acid contains properties that allows it to break down and erode away with whatever it may be in contact with. An example of this is acid rain; It is known to deteriorate structures. Plants, buildings, and other animals such as fish, has been proven to be detrimental. Acid water in the human body causes pesticides, viruses, and bacteria to breed. When the blood throughout the body is predominantly slightly acidic, regular body functions cannot take place. Red blood cells cannot perform simple tasks of transporting oxygen, and white blood cells are unable to enter into the bloodstream in order to attack these pesticides or bacteria. This can lead to impure blood, and the beginning of a breeding ground for countless diseases and/or cancers.

High levels of acid in the blood will cause your body to store acid into fat for energy, yet an excess amount of fat can be hazardous to your health. Your body may try to restore balance from levels of acidic back to levels of alkaline by taking these alkaline components from your bones and/or teeth, which can lead to weak bones and/or teeth (Arthritis). Cancers are dormant at the pH level of 7.4, this means by increasing your alkaline intake in water you are helping to increase your pH to your body’s neutral balance; Thus, lowering your rate of having cancerous cells generate within your body.

What companies sell alkaline water?


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  1. Julie Ramioulle

    I recently posted a similar entry about how healthy drinking eight 8-ounces of water a day really is. As well as that versus coconut water. Interesting to find that as simple as water is, it can be at studied any angle. Lucky for the both of us, we came to the same take home message that there’s a default to water in general, whether it be the type (alkaline) or how much is consumed. I noted the study you explained that by increasing your pH level it lowers “your rate of having cancerous cells generate within your body”, but only effective by increasing your intake of alkaline in water. So does alkaline water specifically have to be the only source in increasing these levels? This would be another great segway, alkaline water vs. baking soda water vs. lemon water?

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