Waxing vs Shaving

Hair removal is a topic often debated in modern day society. Girls remove hair from their legs, arms, under arms, bikini, lip, eyebrows and more. It is the style these days to be hairless, sort of like this cat.


There are so many ways to remove hair such as shaving, plucking, creams, waxing, threading, laser, and electrolysis. In my opinion, waxing and shaving are the most popular so I’ve decided to do some research on which one is the best option.

Nads.com argues strongly for waxing. They explain that it lasts longer, won’t leave cuts and actually causes the hair to grow back slower than it would from shaving. This is because waxing pulls the hair out from the root, unlike shaving. The follow diagram explains what they two do to the hair they remove.


After seeing this diagram, it is easy to understand why hair takes longer to grow back from waxing. Even the tiniest growth will be seen after shaving but it has a while to go once completely pulled out of the root, by waxing.

While waxing might seem like the more sensible option in that aspect, shaving definitely wins out when thinking about the financial aspect. Razors are very cheap and reusable. Shaving is also a good option because it can be done in the comfort of one’s own home, at any time. It is quick, efficient and easy.

When one thinks of waxing, pain usually comes to mind. One article talks about how the more one waxes, the less painful it becomes. They explain that they believe this is because one gets used to the pain. Personally, I disagree with that theory. From my personal experience, I think it hurts less as time goes on because there is less and less hair (because it grows back thinner). And of course the build up and anticipation decreases.

In the end, it depends on each individual person, their lifestyle and their pain tolerance. Both are sufficient and popular methods.

2 thoughts on “Waxing vs Shaving

  1. Yu Zhang

    You pick a really popular topic. It’s common among girls and the problem is practical. Also, the diagram shows clearly the information you want to deliver. However, there are not enough science in it. It is true scientists often start studying about something because they observed it in life, yet then the scientific analysis and critical thinking about the issue should dominate. For example, you can search more articles talking about the influence on health of these two hair removing methods. Since shaving is merely a physical operation of hair while waxing applies substance to our skin, redness and inflammation may be side effects of waxing. I found in an article that application of a cold compress can reduce these symptoms because it help close the open pores.

  2. Allison C Lightner

    I can totally relate to this article, but yet again, I wish you connected this with more scientific content. Why do you think that hair grows back so quickly when shaving compared to waxing? Also with the cost of waxing being so expensive, it is probably because it does remove more hair than shaving. In terms of what is the healthiest way of removing hair, WebMD has this to say about it: http://www.webmd.com/beauty/hair-removal/for-women-only-best-choices-for-hair-removal

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