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Lets Start this blog with this pie graph, as we can see, the graph show the proportion of contributor of Green house effect and transportation is no doubt the second biggest donor of green house gases. In order to solve this problem, people nowadays are working on a new type of cars called NewEnergy Automobile: it first comes out as the Hybrid type which use both electricity and gasoline and derive to today’s pure electric auto-mobile. After the release of the new-energy auto mobile, people are enthusiastic  about this new invention because they will largely reduce our gasoline consumption and thus reduce the green house gas emission.

Total U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions by Economic Sector in 2013

If we interpret people thought into this graph, when all the cars on the street were electricity cars, the total emission for green house gas would be reduce by 27%. However, do people ever think about if this conclusion is valid? Do the technology improvement in Automobile industry would actually reduce the green house gas emission? We are going to find out this issue in the this blog.In the case of the relationship between electric cars and green house effect, the use of electric cars is the x variable and green house effect is y variable.

In this case, our null hypothesis is the use of Electric car have no effect to the green house effect. and our alternative hypothesis is the use of electricity car have effect to the green house effect. First, as we mentioned above, if all the cars on the street were electric cars, the total emission for green house gas would not be reduced by 27% because electricity is definitely the largest contributor to the green house effect as the pie chart shown, and the power source for electricity car is electricity, so in this case we fail to reject the alternative hypothesis. So lets see from a deeper level, the history of the electricity vehicle told us the first mass production of electric cars start from 1997, so if the  existence of electric cars have effect to green house gas emission, there will be a decrease in the amount of transportation emission.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Transportation

As the graph above show, since 1997, there is no evidence of showing the emission of transportation decrease, and on the contrary, the graph above have show the evidence that there is an increase in the transportation emission. So we can say that the mass production of the electric car do not have a positive effect to the green house effect.

After this two statistic analysis, we can see that the new-energy car do not effectively reduce the green house effect; however, we still can not make a conclusion about whether electric cars will benefit us from this two measurement because in the future there are a lot of variabilities that may happen like if we change the way we generate electricity, we may largely reduce the green house gas create by burning coal and that was the time we can have a different result from the first measurement. In addition, automobile companies are working really hard on improving their electric car, such as Tesla decrease 0-60mph accretion time for their P90D models from 3.1s to 2.8s by only improve the algorithm and this is also another way of improvement in our life. To sum up, the discussion of the Newenergy car may be an on-going problem for a long time and maybe there will be another form of new-energy car such as car powered by hydrogen, but for the moment, we can say that there is no significant evidence which show that the new energy car really help us on the environment or energy problem.

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