Happy Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

It is the start of October and what better time to talk about breast cancer than now? Breast cancer is very common and has been for the past few years so I’m not about to tell you what it is and how to do a mammogram but I do want to address some common misconceptions and maybe enlighten you all with some fun facts.  

Okay, so I don’t know how to start it without defining breast cancer so I’m sorry for lying- breast cancer is a malignant tumor that starts in the breast and can spread to any surrounding tissue, according to the American Cancer Society. It is most common in women but men can get it as well. Causes of breast  cancer range all over but it is most commonly chance that causes it. There are certain risk factors, for example according to the International Journal of Cancer

To begin with, the earlier you catch the disease, the more likely you are to survive from it. Ladies AND MEN, at our age the doctors don’t give us mammograms because our breasts aren’t dense enough, but a self mammogram in the shower takes up about 6 minutes of your time. It takes nothing, and the more familiar you are with your breast the more likely you are to realize when something is wrong. Speaking of dense breast, stay active! Breast Cancer Facts and Figures 2013-2014 claims one of the most common risk increasers would be obesity, or postmenopausal obesity. I know most of us aren’t at that point yet but it’s good to practice good habits now because the heavier we become, the more dense our breasts are, and the more likely we are to contract breast cancer. Those of you on birth control, consider a different kind of contraceptive perhaps because plenty of sources, including