Do technology improvement make our life better? -Voice Assistance

Artificial Intelligence, with no doubt, is the most controversy topic discuss around people. It is really cool for people to have a machine to assist them for everything in life which may increase a lot of efficiency of doing everything or maybe people are no longer require to work. However, AI in reality does not seems a groundbreaking and beneficial creation because it may possibly do more harm than good. You may said this argument is non-sense because I am no body in the technology field, but there are a lot of technology giants who have already express their objection to “Harmful”AI such as Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX, Tesla and SolarCity, has donates $10mn to stop AI turning against humans(RT USA). However, What we are going to discuss today is not about whether AI should exist because the existence of AI is in progress, and the early stage for it is Voice Assistance.

Voice Assistance, A non-vauge term for people, is a function people use all days, it is so connivence that it could comprehend people’s voice into instruction and respond as what the programming told it to do. So people may start wondering how does Voice Assistance will become on of the stage of development of AI. Here is a picture showing how does the communication system works, and what does the voice assistance doing is just as the

“Signal processing system” by Brews ohare – Own work

commutation system: people’s voice transform into electronic signal, and the receiver transfer the electronic signal to the database and make comparison with the voice in the data base, then return the TRUE and machine understandable voice to the voice assistance server, thus voice assistance could make responds correctly. In addition, this kind of system will constantly improve when people ask for its assistance because every one single user speak to the server, it will automatically increase one data in the data base, so one more comparable object that will allow future communication more accurate, so the voice assistance become clever and clever as time goes.

So how close is the voice assistance to us? it is just embedded in our life, for example the Siri from Apple, Cortana from MicroSoft are two of the most commonly used voice assistance on mobile device, and company such as AT&T, United Airline also use voice assistance before the calling costumer service. Just imagine how big will the database goes with all these companies which use voice assistance and how clever will the future generation of voice assistance be. There is a significant improvement in Siri(iOS9):”Siri becomes a smarter assistant by looking at how you use your iPhone at any given moment and recommending ways for you to use it next, interpreting natural language into commands.”(MacWorld).

Samaritan assessing system threats (Person of Interest)

Although it is only a hypothesis that the development of AI will eventually out of people’s control because though out the history, the law of survival of the fittest told us the stronger creature would eliminate the weaker creature in order to secure their place on earth. And there are also a lot of imaginary film or video about the AI such as the Matrix series, Person of Interest series and Terminator series has demonstrate us the catastrophe result when the AI turn against human, despite they were all fiction, but no one would about to predict what is going to look like if it come true because no one has ever experience this kind of situation.

I am not accusing any of the company or people who is making progress in voice assistance because I am one beneficiary of voice assistance: I will ask Siri to set an alarm next morning in order to keep me on time for class, I will ask Siri about the weather and decide what kind of outfit am I going to wear, I will communicate with the voice assistance of United Airlines which may direct me to the right customer service without listen the instruction and click the numbers on the keypad. I have to admit that Voice assistance is really useful for us in our daily life, I am do really enjoy the life with it, but if the thing go south, people cannot manage the creation by themselves, the cost for it will also be unpredictable. Back to our topic of the blog, Do technology improvement in voice assistance make our life better? Until now, it is really a Yes and No question: Yes because voice assistance do really make our life more convenient and efficient and No because we are not sure about if all those improvement and task we are dueling right was a matting for the future disaster. Thus, there is a lot of studies and experiment which need to take place in order to determine how are we going to regulate the development of AI in order to keep it under a manageable range.


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