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In today’s SC200 class, Andrew explain something about vaccination and this remind me a TED Talk I’ve watched in my High school Theory of Knowledge class which is related to my topic today. This ted talk is about Nano patch, so before I go further on this topic, lets review this TED talk from Mark Kendall– A professor in University of Queensland.

So what is the connection between the nano-patch and the vaccination we talked about in today’s class? In the end of today’s SC200 class, there is a slide which show that there is a extreme high percentage(up to 99.9999%) safety and we give a “Yes” to the question of “Do vaccination works?”; however, what we are discussing today has eliminate all the confounding variables that may encounter with how does the vaccination works: The most common way that people get vaccinated nowadays is needle injection but there is a lot of issues related to needle injection such as: “Needle phobia is a defined* medical condition that affects between 20 and 23 percent of the adult population to such an extent that it causes them to avoid needed medical care. “(, “In an anonymous 2010 survey of 5,446 clinical personnel who administer injections, 6% said they “sometimes or always” use single-use medication vials to draw shots for more than one patient”( After revealing these data related to needle, we can do a simple math to calculate out that the successfulness for a person to get vaccinate is not 99.9999% and that’s why the nano patch was invented. So related back to our topic, do nano patch makes our lives better?

The null hypothesis for this question is is does not make our lives better, and the alternative hypothesis is it does. In order to exam this problem, I am going to use some facts to test the hypothesis and let you know more about Nano-Patch.



Nanopatch compare with needle







Here is an model of Nanopatch, and it told people precisely that how does the Nanopatch works, although the projections of the Nanopatch Seems very scary and sharp, but when we compare the needle with Nanopatch, we can obviously see that how tiny those projections are. Because needle-phobia is “is a fear of medical needle procedures resulting from the sensation (or the memories of past sensations) of the needle entering the body”(, the Nano patch largely reduce the effect of the this kind of feeling because the effect of the projection penetrate your skin is less than a mosquito. In addition, the Nanopatch is made by  semi-conductor which allow massive production and with a lower cost, according to Mark himself, he state that we could reduce the cost from 10 dollars from a needle to 10 cent if we use nano patch. Just because of this special characteristic of Nanopatch, it largely reduce the chance that the needle infection problem because a lower cost would make reuse less likely.

How good is a NanoPatch?

some people may argue that it is not enough to persuade them that Nanopatch works with only some solution to needle problem, so lets see how does the Nanopatch performed.

Screen shot from the TED

Screen shot from the TED

Here is a table which show the comparison between effectiveness  of needle and Nanopatch Vaccination. We could clearly see that the Nanopatch has a higher effectiveness with less dose compare with needle because it directly interact with the immune cell of your body instead of the muscle as needle did, which once again prove the low cost characteristic. However, there is still something I want to add up as this point that I want to add up as a SC200 student, there is still but very less probabilities that a file drawer problem might exist.

In addition, there is a ground breaking point for the invention of Nanopatch is that they turned the liquid vaccine which need to keep in a cold chain from production to vaccination into dry vaccine that could be retain its effectiveness under 23 Celsius Degree for one year.

To sum up, there is still a long way for Nanopatch to go. There is no significance evidence to prove that Nanopatch has no effect to our life, in fact it has make a great progression in the history of human vaccination, and it is now use in some African country to cure people, so we have to reject the null hypothesis at the moment. It is possible that some serious issue may pop up as time pass, but so far things looks pretty good, and it does benefit our lives. At the end of my blog, I want to extend this question because Nanopatch only increase the effectiveness of vaccination, in another words that it is only a medium to vaccinate people, it is a fact that disease will become stronger though time and the real problem for people is how can we keep our vaccine up to date with the growth of the virus cell?


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2 thoughts on “Do technology improvement make our life better? -NanoPatch

  1. Yuxing Cai Post author

    It was an interesting article. I always think that vaccination is a good thing that it prevent you from some flu, but after reading your article, I saw the counter perspective of vaccination. However, I think there are always two sides for question, and people do always have different explanation even for a same evidence, so I think as long as people are doing things that they think is good for themselves without affecting other’s wellbeing is acceptable. But I think the creation of Nano Patch does really make some people turn positive toward vaccination.

  2. Erik Samuel Ridley

    Very good post. I myself do not like receiving vaccines and would love to see a superb alternative that causes less pain! Is there any estimate as to the timeframe to “patch” up the Nanopatch and having it hit the market? Researching why people are afraid of vaccines, I was expecting pain to be the nearly unanimous response, but this article ( says that parents are afraid that vaccines cause Autism, which is something I had never even considered being a reason to dislike vaccines.

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