Are you cold too? Or is it just me?

It’s the time of year again, when the temperature is slowly starting to drop, and everyone is starting to bundle up in long sleeved shirts and sweats. The one thing I have noticed while walking to my classes is that some tend to bundle up more than others on chillier days.This  got me thinking of a new blog post to write about: Why do some people feel more colder than others?

There are so many speculations as to why some feel colder than others.  The debate of temperature between women vs men, diseases, ect.

One factor is the difference between women and mens  bodies. There was a study done by researchers back in Utah back in 1998 that looked into the temperature of male and females. “While studies have found that women’s actual core body heat is slightly higher than men’s, womens’ extremities are a lot colder. ” The temperature between females and males was about 97.8*f -97.4*f and the extremities was about 87.2*f-90* Some think its because the fat on us women warms up everything else inside of us, except our hands.

The fat part I understand completely, its just I wish the study the researchers at Utah in 1998 said what the sample size was and the age range that was recorded. Did they record just one certain age group like older adults, or was a mix between young and old. This stuy reminds me about when we talked about prayer. For the prayer study, no one knew who they were praying for , just that they had to say a prayer. Except it was a randomized control, which the study done in Utah is not. Its more of a correlational study becuase it doesn’t show statistics.

Other facors for certain people being colder than others could be because of the ranaud’s syndrome or phenomenon. “Raynaud’s phenomenon is a condition in which cold temperatures or strong emotions cause blood vessel spasms. This blocks blood flow to fingers, toes, ears and nose.”  Here’s the run down on what goes on:

  • hands turn from white, to blue, and then finally red
  • white: blood vessels are starting to narrow in size
  • blue: decrease in oxygen from the vessels
  • red: blood vessels are returning  to normal

No one really know why this phenomenon happens, or why certain people get it.  Its just usually during the cold moths raynauds starts to happen. “About 1 in 20 people develop Ranaud’s phenomenon.” The main people that get this disease are current high schoolers and college students.  Some ways you can help yourself is by wearing all the necesities like gloves, socks, scarves, hats, ect to so the cold wind can’t get to you.

I now understand why my mom always tells me I should wear gloves. She doesn’t want me stuff like this. I know for this upcoming winter I’m defintiely going to be wearing gloves everyday.  I  wonder, if they did a study where they asked the females and males from the study done in Utah if any of them ever heard of the Ranaud’ phenomenon, and ever experienced it, what the statistics would be.

So thats why some people tend to be colder than others. Because of extremities in our bodies temperature. Also you can get bad health problems like the raynaud’s disease.

P.S. heres a cute picture of a duck..thats freezing 🙁