Hanging your clothes under sun OR using laundry dryer


Different places use different ways to dry their clothes. In Asia, most people dry their clothes under sun or in their house because they don’t have laundry dryer. When you look above the small street Singapore, you will see hundred of colorful clothes hanging orderliness.  In US, most of the people dry their clothes by laundry dryer. Each ways have it own reasons and benefits. How do we choose between hanging our clothes under sun and using a laundry dryer?

First, we are going to talk about the advantages of the laundry dryer. First and most important reason for most of the people to use a laundry dryer is convenience. We just need to throw in our clothes and come back in an hour and its done. We don’t need to go outside, hang our clothes, get them back when weather is bad, hang them back on, and get them back when its dry. We don’t need to worry about other’s seen our clothes and get it easily. And it can keep clean in the dryer, if there is air pollution, the clothes hanging outside will be dirty, too. According to about home, the clothes hanging outside will bring pollen and mold spores. So people who are sensitivity or allergy to those things will  troubled.

There are also many advantages of hanging clothes under sun. First, it does’t cost money. You don’t need to pay electricity bill for that. The clothes can also last longer hanging under the sun. Because it does’t rolling and stretch clothes like laundry dryer does. Clothes won’t shrink, too. And according to Washer/Dryer Comboz, sun is a “natural sanitizer”, so if you dry you clothes under sun, they will smell cleaner and fresher. Sun can bleaching the clothes, it can make white clothes whiter, but make other clothes color lighter, too. Sun can also disinfect your clothes. The UV light can damage the DNA of the bacteria and microorganism, it can kill or stop their reproduction (best drying rack). But all of the things above require you to live in a clean place.

Over all. drying clothes under sun or using laundry dry are because of the living habits. If you live in big cities, it is better to dry you clothes in laundry dryer to keep it clean and save your time. But if you went on vacation or live in a big, clean place. You should probably hang your clothes under sun to feel the nature!


3 thoughts on “Hanging your clothes under sun OR using laundry dryer

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  2. Lisa Marie Acerba

    I actually never knew that the UV light from the sun kills bacteria, I will have to keep that in mind. I live in a city so I primarily opt for a machine dryer but in the summer time I do enjoy throwing my freshly washed snuggle smelling clothes over the clothes line in my backyard. I never thought about any differences or how they affected me or my clothes in any way.

  3. das5959

    I thoroughly enjoyed this article. I’ve often asked myself which is better for drying clothes. I enjoy the smell of clothes and sheets dried out in the sun, which I now have learned kills bacteria. However, overall, I think I can narrow it down to several things. I enjoy My sheets dried outside, because I enjoy the smell of fresh linens. For my clothes, I prefer the dryer because they don’t get bugs or ash or pollen on them. I especially want my towels in the dryer, because when they hang outside they get stiff as a board and it is extremely uncomfortable to dry yourself off with those.

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