When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemon Water

After staying up late watching television, reading a book, texting a friend, or scrolling aimlessly through social media, many Americans wake up each morning needing an energy boost to get them through the day. According to Harvard, over 54% of Americans over the age of 18 drink coffee every morning. Coffee is therefore an extremely popular beverage choice, and very much enjoyed by many types people. One of the common reasons most people enjoy coffee is because of its effects on the brain. It increases dopamine levels, which makes us feel good as individuals. When purchasing coffee at a store such as Dunkin Donuts, an average price is $2.49 or more for an average-sized medium drink (Food Menu Prices). Per work week, that is approximately $12.45. Per month, that is approximately $49.80. Per year, Americans who purchase medium coffees at Dunkin Donuts spend approximately $597.60 on their beverages. Recently, many people have been looking for cheaper hot drink alternatives to traditional coffee and tea, and lemon water has risen as a new favorite American drink. By only having to use tap water and purchase lemons from a local grocery store, consumers can drastically decrease their spending for money energizers, and feel great as well. Not only does lemon water taste delicious and is affordable, but it also has many health benefits. There are simply two ingredients to this drink; lemon, and water. Both of these have great benefits individually, and when combined, make for the ultimate “super drink.”

By itself, water has an extreme amount of benefits. One benefit is that it is convenient tumblr_lw41qvRFWe1r81cfho1_500for most people, as it is accessible in the convenience of personal homes. On its own, the human body is approximately 60% water. It is extremely important for adults to consume at least eight glasses of water a day, and to stay on top of managing water intake levels (United States Department of the Interior). Without enough water, it is very easy for the body to dehydrate. Water also serves a number of essential functions in the body to keep it functioning properly:

  • A vital nutrient to the life of every cell
  • Regulates internal body temperature by sweating and respiration
  • Carbohydrates and proteins that our bodies use as food are metabolized and transported by water in the bloodstream
  • Assists in flushing waste mainly through urination
  • Acts as a shock absorbing device for the brain and spinal cord
  • Forms saliva
  • Lubricates joints (United States Department of the Interior).

The citrus fruit lemon also has many great health benefits. Those include: “its use as a treatment of throat infections, indigestion, constipation, dental problems, and fever, obesity, respiratory disorders, and high blood pressure, while it also benefits hair and skin care. Known for its therapeutic abilities, lemon helps to strengthen your immune system, cleanse your stomach, and it is considered a blood purifier” (Organic Wellness). For the teenage and college audience specifically, lemons are great acne stoppers. Lemon contains citric acid, which is a strong remedy for treating acne. The vitamin C that it also contains is vital for healthy skin, and can also help kill types of bacteria (Beliefnet). Lemon also has a wonderful taste, and is refreshing before a long day at school, work, or any other activity that the day may bring. For those who may think the taste is a little strong, the water helps dilute the strong citrus taste, and is a food that everyone can enjoy.

Combining the two ingredients, water and lemon, anyone can create lemon water easily. This combination has been proven to have many health benefits that are beneficial for not only adults, but people of all ages as well. Specifically, this drink can help college kids get an energized start, especially for early morning classes. Here is an example of how to create a lemon water mixture that not only is tasteful, but easy to make.

One benefit of lemon water is that it has a strong ability to help with digestion. According to Wellness Mama, drinking water to begin with is extremely healthy to flush out the body. When a human wakes up from sleep, the body needs to be flushed out in order to start the day off hydrated, as the body was in a fast for however long the slumber took place. Having this soothing drink first thing in the morning can not only help flush out the digestive system, but rehydrate the body as well. Adding the lemon fruit helps with the digestion process, and also provides that sense of energy to start off a day on a high note.

Lemon water is a large aid and supporter of the immune system. The immune system consists of organs, tissues, cells and proteins. These take part in the process to attack invading germs (Livestrong). By just including the juice of half a lemon in a glass of water, your body becomes enriched in vitamin C. This helps boost the immune system with tasks such as fighting colds and flu, common sicknesses especially in college students. Nutritionist Michele Chevalley Hedge says lemon also enhances the body’s ability to absorb iron. Iron is an important nutrient for a healthy immune system, and is imperative to have a healthy supply. (Body and Soul).

Food Network Kitchen Infused Water Lemon Healthy Recipes Food Netowrk A final benefit of lemon water to discuss helps aid an issue that many college students struggle with; anxiety. Research has shown that lemon has a calming effect on humans, and is a great aid in fighting anxiety. Therefore, it may be able to help remove fatigue, exhaustion, dizziness, anxiety, nervousness, and tension from stressed and anxious individuals (Beliefnet). According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, Anxiety disorders are one of the most common mental health problems on college campuses, and many college students are suffering each and everyday. Forty million U.S. adults suffer from an anxiety disorder, and 75 percent of them experience their first episode of anxiety by age 22, before they graduate college.

With its marvelous taste and great health benefits, lemon water is a drink sure to be enjoyed by all. A fantastic quality about homemade drinks is that the consumer can control the amount of ingredient that goes in. If you are not a huge lemon fan, squeeze only a slice or two into your water. If you enjoy the citrus taste, squeeze a full lemon. There are many benefits to having this simple drink made of just two ingredients. Start your day off fresh, and when life gives you lemons, make lemon water!











4 thoughts on “When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemon Water

  1. Leah Emily Tancer

    This blog post is so interesting! I don’t drink caffeine because it makes me too jittery, so I usually just go with a classic cup of tea or water. However, I never considered lemon water. I did some research and found a really interesting article that shows a diagram of the effects that lemon water can have on an individual.


    Lemon water has so many health effects that are unexpected. It can even reduce kidney stones.

  2. Victoria Chelsea Bushman

    I was very interested in reading this, as back at home I used to drink a lot of lemon water and never really knew all the benefits of it. Although this summer recently I had begun to add cucumber to my lemon water, because it has even more benefits, such as being a detector and it even curbs your appetite. Read about it here!

  3. Courtney Taylor

    Lemon water is great, but make sure you’re making it yourself or only squeezing lemon juice into your water rather than leaving the lemon slices/halves submerged in your water. Lemons served alongside water in restaurants have been found to be some of the dirtiest items in eating establishments, proven by multiple studies like this one by Dr. Oz. “Dr. Oz discovered five out of five lemons from five different restaurants were coated with germs including mold, bacteria, staph and Candida yeast – the type found in the mouth and vagina” (source) Gross!

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