Video Games: Cause or Cure for ADHD

In light of recent events in the U.S. the gaming community has been under close speculation. Not only is video game content under scrutiny, but how this content affects the over all attention span and focus of youth who play has also become an area of concern. There is just about no evidence, however, proving that gaming can cause attention disorders, mainly ADHD. While there have been studies which correlate hyper vigilance and ADHD-like behaviors to excessive video game use, there is no concrete evidence to prove ADHD is caused by too much gaming.

ADHD is short for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. This means individuals with this disorder not only have a hard time maintaining concentration, but also struggle with sitting still for long periods of time. Because video games provide constant stimulation, it is no wonder people with ADHD have increased focus while playing; there is no opportunity left for distraction of any sort. The debate begins here because children who struggle with concentrating become hyper focussed when gaming. This combined with the tendency for those with ADHD to lack self regulation leads to far too much screen time in youth with this condition. This may be why people are so quick to jump to the conclusion that video games cause ADHD and attention deficit behaviors.

Although the majority of studies pertaining to video games and ADHD lean towards the idea that excessive gaming can cause ADHD, the article on “” suggests that in the right amount, video gaming can actually decrease the effects of ADHD. Because of the stimulation the brain receives from gaming, it can actually be altered as a visual attention treatment. In current and recent research, it has become known that exercising the brain in a particular activity for long periods of time can change how the brain works and grows. Frequent video game use does just that when done is a monitored practice. This being said, there is no evidence that going on a video game playing bender will alter the brain’s growth and development. However playing a game to cater to a specific area of the brain when done with a purpose.

in conclusion, ADHD is not caused by over playing video games. The disorder may be influenced by too much gaming, but there is no evidence proving cause. There is proof that video games can be used as a method of treatment for ADHD by use of brain conditioning. By learning which method works best and not over using video games, a child can develop particular areas of the brain without developing ADHD.


2 thoughts on “Video Games: Cause or Cure for ADHD

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  2. Qian Chen

    I have to say the reason this blog attracts me is I like playing video games too… I was always criticized by my parents, teachers and even my girlfriend about playing games too much. I knew there were several bad effects if people played games too much, but being mentally ill was undoubtedly the most serious one. Except ADHD, I also knew that people may get delusional disorder or even mental disorder because they cannot distinguish reality and games after playing excessive video games. I have heard many sad news about people (mostly teenagers) jumped out from high buildings because they believed they can fly or killed innocent people (intimates or strangers) because they thought they were still in the game. So even I know that video games could be used as a treatment to ADHD now, I still believe people should against excessive games used by making serious suggestions and creating mandatory policies, especially to teenagers.

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