Wake up early and enjoy the breakfast!

Since I don’t have any morning classes, I sleep over the whole morning. People keep saying that eating breakfast is extremely important. Even during the summer vacation, I don’t have the habit of eating breakfast. Recently, I have been trying to get up early and have breakfast. I found that I get much more energetic after having breakfast.


Breakfast is the most important meal in a day. It provides the energy we need in the morning. There is a research shows that skipping breakfast results in weight gain. Because people who skip breakfast feel hungry before the next meal, they tend to eat more in the next meal. Or they will find something that contain a lot of calories to eat as sneak. There is also a theory claim that  eating breakfast can make you perform better during the day.


Despite of whether breakfast is important, health risk exist if we do not have breakfast. A study done by Harvard recorded nearly 27000 men for about 16 years. Men who skipped breakfast were 27% more likely to have heart attack or die because of coronary heart disease. And men who skipped breakfast are more likely to be single, smokers, employed full-time, drink more alcohol and younger. They are also less likely to have contact with people who have breakfast. So most of their friends do not eat breakfast as well.


This study is observational so it is still hard to prove that people without having breakfast must  have health risk. It is very important to have breakfast. We cannot deny that it brings lots of  benefits to us, and it also has many bad effects on our body if we skip it. Also, having breakfast with friends is very interesting. We can see what we never see before, and the beautiful views in the morning. We should all wake up and have breakfast!

10 thoughts on “Wake up early and enjoy the breakfast!

  1. Robert I Jenkins

    Its a great idea to eat breakfast every morning to get the body going because it just went through a long fast assuming you slept the normal 7.5 hours a night recommended by most doctors. But along with the idea of eating breakfast its important to eat real food. A lot of the food industry have used the idea of breakfast being good for you to be able to sell a lot of cheap sugary cereals.

  2. Isabel Linares-Martin

    I’ve never been a breakfast person because I hate to wake up early in the morning! But after reading your blog, I see the benefits and importance of eating breakfast everyday. Even if it is something small, I will try to start eating everyday. It will definitely help me do better in my classes and stay more alert!

  3. Stacy E Smerbeck

    Reading this blog post is making me hungry. For the most part I do eat breakfast everyday, unless I wake up late and have to hurry to class. I never knew that skipping breakfast would make you gain weight. I always thought it was the opposite effect. I did know that it helps you concentrate better on tasks though. There was on question I had about the study and that’s why they only tested men, why not women as well. I’m curious to see as to what health risk women have when they skip breakfast.

  4. Xingchen Zhou

    Don’t forget to get the breakfast is already a cliche that everyone knows that. The blog really remind me the importance of the breakfast again, and it is a really easy thing but people are likely to ignore. The importance of breakfast is not less or even more than any other meals, and there is a Chinese proverb said that “Eat like a king in the morning.” It emphasize the importance of the breakfast for our health. A 30 minutes early wake up time, can probably save tons of medical bills in the future.

  5. Victoria Chelsea Bushman

    I am in full agreement with this article, because growing up my mom always told me never to skip breakfast. But a lot of my friends throughout the years have never understood why I was always so into eating breakfast, and I never really knew the true benefits, I only knew they existed. So in reading this blog post I now understand what it does! Although it has gotten a lot harder to eat breakfast in college, because of my late classes, which is a shame and I hope to fix my sleep schedule so I can include breakfast.

  6. Rachael Moyer

    Once I reached high school, I completely stopped eating breakfast. This is because not eating breakfast meant I got to sleep in longer, which during high school was valuable. It claims that not eating breakfast might cause weight gain because of overeating during other meals, but for me I feel as if I want a normal meal even when skipping breakfast. But as far as energy goes, there should be a study with large groups of people who eat breakfast. and who don’t, and they can perform activities and see who has the most energy to do the activities. Here is another article explaining importance of breakfast; Article

  7. Alexandra Carley Spanier

    I really agree with this blog. I have breakfast every morning even if its something as quick as a bar. For me, I feel very sick if I don’t eat in the morning, almost like I want to pass out. I also relate to overeating if I don’t eat breakfast because as soon as I get to lunch I want to eat. I think a great thing to add to this article or look into further would be what the best things to have for breakfast are. For example, are the bars I eat really a substantial breakfast, I mean sure they fill me up but do they have any negative effects. It also makes me wonder if eggs and omelettes are better, or if they can be to heavy so early in the morning. Interesting blog!

  8. Kaitlin Anita Caminiti

    This blog really opened up my eyes after I read it. Like you, I was one of those people that completely skipped breakfast as a meal, since my days in Kindergarten. I just never had the time or motivation to leave myself with the opportunity to sit down and eat a “hardy” breakfast. I always knew I was skipping the “most important meal of the day” but I never really took that saying to heart. Now, I understand that eating breakfast in the morning can help give me the motivation I need to do well in all my classes throughout the day. It can put me in a better mood and it will also be better for my metabolism. Metabolisms slow down as we decide to skip our meals and not eat properly. I’ve always been fearful of that because that’s how we gain weight, so here’s an article talking about all the ways we can destroy our metabolisms. Don’t do this!

  9. Wayson Wu

    Since I was a kid, my parents always warned me about the neccesities of eating breakfast, but I have never really knows about the reason. Besides the reasoning and affects of breakfast. I also found out some suggestions of what is right to eat for a proper break fast. According to Erica Giovinazzo, a nutritionist said that “You want to aim for a breakfast that combines good carbs and fiber with some protein,” and the best breakfast may contain things such as greek yogurt, grape fruit, wheat, eggs and bananas. By eating a great breakfast, people will have a great start for having the energy to be active for the whole day.

  10. Caitlyn Elizabeth Davis

    My mom as a kid always told me that breakfast was the most important meal of the day. Personally, I have early classes so I am always running out the door and never have to time to grab a bite to eat. In this article it lists 4 reasons why you should not skip breakfast and some of them were surprising to me. It states that it “may increase a woman’s diabetes risk”.

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