Does Fast Food Kill People?

A majority of people have eaten fast food in their lifetime and many people eat fast food everyday.

However, McDonald’s employees were recently told in their guidelines to avoid eating foods are high in fat, sugar, and salt (which is basically all of their menu items). Why would a restaurant encourage its own employees to not eat there?

Is this quick bite during a busy day at a fast food restaurant killing people?

In a study, researchers from the University of Florida fed rats a high-calorie, high-sugar diet to test whether or not fast food may kill people. After being fed food similar to items sold at McDonald’s and other fast food chains , the rats gained weight faster, were more likely to become diabetic, and had higher triglyceride levels. The study caused obesity, heart disease, and diabetes in the rats, which are some of the biggest causes of death in populations that eat an industrial diet.

In another study, researchers decided to not test rats, but to test themselves. The research participants, which were the researchers, lived on McDonald’s meals for 10 days. Prior to the experiment, it was understood that the human gut has about 3,500 microbial species, which are bacteria that protect against obesity, heart disease, and cancer. The results of the study showed that the diet of highly processed foods wiped out the number of these microbial species by one-third.

The main ingrediants in fast food that the rats and the researchers were fed were hydrogenated oils, low-quality meat- over-processed grains, and sugar. These are some of the worst foods people can put into their bodies because they have little to no nutritional content. The sugar in the food, which is mainly from artificial sweeteners, can cause problems such as alzheimer’s disease, brain tumors, cancer, depression, and kidney and liver problems. The trans fats in the food lead to serious diseases due to raising cholesterol, increasing fat, and leading to insulin resistance. Studies and several controlled trials found that the amount of Omega-6 in the bloodstream directly correlates with the risk of heart disease.

People need to stop eating junk food. “Junk Food Kills More Than Wars, Famine, Genocide”. Conditions linked to obesity kill 40% more people than wars, hunger, dictators, and murderers combined. According to School of Medical Sciences at the University of New South Wales, people are losing their natural preferences for healthy food and become addicted to unhealthy fats, toxic chemicals, hormones, and fillers. These trigger obesity and affect areas of the brain controlling motivational control and reward behavior.

So, the next time you are feeling hungry, save your health and skip fast food. It may keep you alive longer.


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  1. Jada Baity

    It was interesting to find out that fast food could very well be the number one killer of populations who consume large amounts of processed and fast food. Also, the experiment where scientists ate fast food themselves and observed the effects it had on their own bodies reminded me of the scientist who infected himself with a bacteria that he believed was the cause of ulcers in humans. The fact that the scientists in your post took this same approach makes me wonder what time period this experiment took place in due to the current laws preventing that kind of experimentation now. One thing I am curious to know is how the scientists came to the conclusion that fast food could kill you. Because I highly doubt that these scientists willingly ate fast food until they acquired a health complication or died. It makes me wonder if their conclusions at the end of the experiment were very accurate. But anyways, great post! It was very interesting to read.

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