Demographics in Politics

Politicians are always looking for a way to gain the upperhand over their opponent, and demographics are a huge part of that. For example, people under the age of 40 lean democrat 60% of the time, and jewish people tend to lean democrat 70% of the time. These data points are incredibly important for the outcomes of elections.

Republicans in the upcoming election are asking questions like “what percentage of the Hispanic vote do we need to win to take the election?” and “how can we gain ground in the low income sector”. There is a science to these questions that can radically alter the outcome of an election.

This is an example of a science that has real applicable value in our world that many people do not think of as science. Data is becoming more and more prevalent in our society, and the best politicians and corporations are using it to their advantage.

1 thought on “Demographics in Politics

  1. Diego

    In the Mass Media and American Politics book by Doris A. Grabber it says and I quote “..human preferences for new varies along demographic lines, targeted offerings that cater to specific needs and likes are a good thing. It also makes it essential to be knowledgeable about the range of tastes for news among Americans”. And furthermore into the book it kept explaining how demographics plays out a very essential role in politics. Even though this blog is just a little too short, you were very right on that claim. I think including something like how the demographics can be targeted and taken advantage of by politicians could have helped support to a greater extent the assertion you composed in this blog. For example by news and media as how the one book by Doris Grabber does. Despite that I think this blog was well written and stayed completely relevant to the matter.

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