Does kissing your Spouse extend your Lifespan?


I randomly one day overheard a conversation on whether or not kissing your loved one extends a humans lifespan. Both sides stated their viewpoint on the subject at hand. One saying, “You loving your partner makes you and your relationship healthier so your lifespan would be increased” while the other said “Just because you do not kiss everyday does not mean you do not love them.” Both sides had valid points for their opinions, but I wanted to know the facts. 

Study Summary

Kissing is one of the best universal ways to express affection to your loved ones. A group of German physicians and psychologists conducted a study that revealed that the secret of having a happy, successful, and long healthy living is to kiss your partner before you go every day. Dr. Arthur Sazbo, one of the German physicians, found that those who kissed their spouses each morning often do not miss their work due to illness.  Additionally, there are fewer chances to car accidents, earnings increase monthly from 20% to 30%, and they live about five years more than those who do not kiss on another on the cheek. Dr. Sazbo explained, “The kissers begin the day with a positive attitude and it is believed that those who do not experience it, whatever be the reason, go out the house with a lack of confidence.” The study followed by a list of benefits kissing does to the body such as, but not limited to regulating the heartbeat, improve lungs work ability by three times and burn calories. I found other articles that agree that there are health benefits from kissing. 


Study Analysis

I found it difficult to find where the information was coming from. The team stated that the study consumed facts, but had no proof to back it up. There was nothing mentioned of a questionnaire, experiment, observational study or anything. Therefore, because of this, I cannot fully state or deny this information as credible and/or reliable. I read another article write about the study and it claimed “Some German insurance companies and psychologists have found a correlation between work attitudes and a morning goodbye kisses.” again; I wonder where this information derived from. The title of the article is, “Men who kiss their wives in the morning live five years longer than those who do not.” I assumed that the study was on males only. The article always refers to males and their wives so I believe that this is an accurate assumption. I do want to add that the heart benefit included at the end of the article give hope that the information above has the potential to be a false positive. Nevertheless, since we do not know any specifics to the information or have any proof that the study happened, then we cannot generalize it as a false positive. I consider that more studies need to occur so that this article is proven right or wrong. 



The team of German physicians did successfully state the outcomes of kissing your spouse each morning. All reasons seemed reasonable and applied to everyday lives, but unfortunately, their information failed to prove with a research study. The message to take away is that: whether you are a person that does not take information into account unless truth of the study was conducted or you are one to go with the flow, the action to kiss your spouse each morning before you go does not take much. Even if the study proves to be wrong, there is nothing to lose when you win a smooch.