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Already many people know and recognize that the cigarettes are harmful to their health. For that reason, a lot of smokers try to quit the smoke or find the other substitution goods of cigarette. E-cigarette is the well-known substitution goods of cigarette for several reasons. I researched that how E-cigarette works and benefits of E-cigarette.

All e-cigarette works basically the same way as a traditional cigarette. An e-cigarette is a battery-powered device that converts the liquid nicotine into mist or viper that the user inhales. That’s why people say e-cigarette as a “vaping”.  It looks like totally same as traditional cigarette, there is a heavy cloud of smoke, but there are no fire and smell.


Here is several reasons that people choose e-cigarette instead of traditional cigarette. The first reason is that the customer can save them money. Approximately, one cartridge of e-cigarette is equal as a pack of normal cigarettes. However, the price gap is huge. The second reason is an e-cigarette is safer than traditional cigarette. The biggest danger of tabaco is smoke, but compare with that we don’t need to burn the e-cigarette. Therefore, there is less chemical reaction to the e-cigarette. Also, according to the report, published by Public Healthy England, stated that e-cigarette are 95% safer than normal cigarettes. The most important reason is that e-cigarette can help to quit the regular cigarette. According to the research, “E-cigarette have been shown to be as effective as nicotine inhalers in reducing both craving and withdrawal effects.”

Already, there is a lot of reports about e-cigarette. Almost report mentioned about the benefits of the e-cigarette and explain how good it is. However, we should recognize that even government officials say that there is still a lot we don’t know about the e-cigarette.


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  1. Diego

    E-cigarettes is a very broad topic of discussion anyone could talk about, and this blog kept it clear and concise. First of all, I got to say the one thing I always look for in a blog is that it includes sometime of claim from a credible source, and you did include that when you wrote how a report published by the Public Healthy England stated that e-cigarettes are 95% safer than normal cigarettes.
    I also like how you stayed on point, meaning you clearly balanced your point of view towards supporting e-cigarettes or claiming they are a healthy substitutes of goods for cigarettes. And I think the vast majority of non-smokers will agree that there’s no question they will prefer if their company, either friends or just people surrounding them, would use electronic cigarettes instead of actual cigarettes around them. For one, because of what you clearly pointed out in your blog that these substitute goods are a lot more healthier to their consumers which also extends the benefits to the people around them.
    Personally, I would never begin smoking and I’ve also read reports about how e-cigarettes can increase the chance for someone to begin smoking if they didn’t before. However, like I said, it was good that you only talked about one point of view because it kept it concise and manageable for the reader.
    Also I enjoyed the visual aid you used with the picture showing the mechanism and component of e-cigarettes because it help the reader further understand the subject and employs an advantage for them to create their own opinions about the claims and arguments in this blog.

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