How energy drink affect our body

Energy drinks can give you a physical and mental boost if you are feeling tired, and specific brand of energy drinks claims that it increases your energy and focus. Red Bull Energy Drink provides nutrients such as the amino acid, taurine and some vitamin B. Yet, this energy drink may also give some risks and those side effects that you should be aware of before you drink it.


Caffeine is a natural complex in coffee, tea, and chocolate. Also many companies add caffeine to their energy drinks because it is a stimulant. Some of the research states that caffeine improves mental focus, concentration and attentiveness. But caffeine can affect your nerve system for at least six hours. Pretend that you drink energy drink about to the time to go to bed; you may have experience difficulty sleeping because the caffeine may still be stimulating your central nervous system and prevent you from fall asleep. A can of Red Bull has 80mg of caffeine, which is quite a lot for daily recommendation. Caffeine has greater effects on people with higher caffeine sensitivity.


Drinking energy drink constantly could possibly increase the risk for chronic health problems. Sugars added such as the glucose and sucrose in the drink cause tooth decay. The research from Kids health warns that if you frequently depend on energy drinks with caffeine to keep yourself awake, you may become dependent and have difficulty on concentration without drinking them. Another side effect of energy drink is that increasing the risk for osteoporosis because caffeine causes our body to lose calcium. Also Caffeine can interact with heart disease medications and it can also cause heart attack or arrhythmia.



2 thoughts on “How energy drink affect our body

  1. aes5559

    This was a very interesting blog. You could of possibly touched on do the drinks actually give us energy. Also being that certain things like caffeine are included in the drink you could of compared it to coffee or soda and then display which one is worse foe us. But overall I enjoyed this blog and it brought a lot of insight

  2. Diego

    I’ve always wondered about the health benefits and problems that come from using energy drinks and this blog definitely provide some interesting facts. I knew there were several side effects including, like you said, difficulty on concentrating or focusing when you became so dependent on these types of products because you’ve used them one too many times, but I didn’t know that it also increased the risk for osteoporosis because caffeine causes our bodies to lose calcium.
    Personally, I decided to be natural about it, meaning I would prefer for my body to be able to perform tasks without the aid of exterior products such as energy drinks. For example, when someone relies too much on coffee they tend to become dependent of it. When they don’t have it, their brain just doesn’t work as efficient as it does when it has a little caffeine or the other ingredients energy drinks offer.
    But I also think that if you’re careful not to rely on these products on too many occations you could take full advantage of their effects or your body. I would say cramming for a final exam or pulling an all-nighter could be good excuses for using these products. But overall, I believe they’re not healthy and people should try and abstain from drinking energy drinks.
    Thanks for you blog.

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