Where are all the Aliens?

The famous Fermi Paradox is as follows: Where are all the aliens? In our known universe, there are 500 billion sun-like stars, with anywhere from 1-10 planets revolving around them. That’s anywhere from 500 billion to 5 trillion planets that could theoretically host life. Surely, some of these planets nurtured the early seeds of life, and surely some of that life developed into intelligent life. Even the most pessimistic estimate about when humans will settle other planets is a billion years. So why then, is there no intelligent life, which would have had billions of years head start on us, spread out across the universe? It would, after all,

It is possible that there are life forms spread out on many planets, however, it is strange that we have seen no sign of them. There are more pessimistic theories about why there is no sign of life, ranging from ‘all intelligent life destroys itself as soon as it can’ and the idea that there are no other life forms in the universe.

This relates to class in that it is the scientific community posing a question and theorizing about answers, while being unable to prove/support a theory.  

2 thoughts on “Where are all the Aliens?

  1. Diego

    Thanks for sharing the Fermi Paradox link, I really enjoyed reading through that article. I find this topic of particular interest to me, and I believe to most people as well, when they begin to grasp how probable is for life to exist elsewhere the Earth. This blog was refreshing because it literally kept it to the minimum but there was not a single sentence that wasn’t relevant. Your facts seem to be precise and it clearly doesn’t seem that you are talking out of pure personal opinion.
    When I was younger I didn’t like thinking there was any intelligent life outside our planet because it made me afraid. But now it is a lot different. I am completely intrigued about it, and with certain pieces of information I’ve learned in Sc200 and informational videos I’ve seen, logically arguments how it is more than likely that there is intelligent life out there. A question comes to my mind then if that’s true. Why haven’t we been signaled by it? I think including relatively recent research on the matter might have enhanced this blog a little. A research like how now scientists have found how it might be possible that we might be a simulation. Thanks for this blog.

  2. John Wilson Mcavoy

    I think you should look into the multiverse or infinite universe theory, which theorizes that there an infinite number of universes that make up all of time and space and matter, and our universe is just one of them. according to this theory, it is not only impossible for there not to be intelligent life in the universe, but because there an infinite number of worlds, there are worlds out there which are exactly like earth in every way. It’s a weird idea to think about, but its also extremely humbling in my opinion.

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