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Where is the largest facility located? What is its size? What large city (or cities) is it closest to? Amazon has announced a plan to build their largest warehouse in North Randall, Ohio. Dunfermline, Scotland is currently its largest however with over 1 million square feet of space.
The case made the point that automation is often a double-edged sword. Provide at least three examples where the invention of a technology provided both benefits and problems for a society.
Cotton Gin- it made cotton profitable but prolonged slavery up to the civil war where that institution was put down for good.
Nuclear power- Nuclear power is a great benefit to society and helps power many cities. It is extremely cost-effective. However, it is also a major target for terrorists and if they get their hands on one they could cause large areas of land to be uninhabitable.
Airplanes- Allows for the crossing of great distances to bring us together. It also, however, pollutes the atmosphere and makes a target for terrorists.

Search the web for recent articles on “technological unemployment.” Which jobs are least likely to be replaced by automation?
The following jobs are least likely to be replaced by a machine: