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Welcome, SC200 class of 2015

Folks, welcome to the class blog. I hope you have fun with it.

We are Penn StateThe first task due Wednesday Sept 2  is aimed at making sure we can work out any problems with the blog technology — at your end or ours. Create an entry on the blog which explains (i) why you are doing this course and (ii) why you are not planning to be a Science major, AND post a comment on someone else’s post. You might, for example, agree with their post, express surprise, or give them a better reason. Your entry must include a picture and at least one live link, and the comment must include at least one live link. If you have problems, see Blog and Tech Help (link also on top banner). You get marks for simply posting an entry (50%) with a photo (20%) and a live link (5%), and for posting a comment (20%) with a live link (5%). If you don’t do any of those things, you don’t get those points. The exercise is worth 4% of final grade.

Have fun and be a little imaginative…show us who you really are.   Enjoy.  Andrew