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How energy drink affect our body

Energy drinks can give you a physical and mental boost if you are feeling tired, and specific brand of energy drinks claims that it increases your energy and focus. Red Bull Energy Drink provides nutrients such as the amino acid, taurine and some vitamin B. Yet, this energy drink may also give some risks and those side effects that you should be aware of before you drink it.


Caffeine is a natural complex in coffee, tea, and chocolate. Also many companies add caffeine to their energy drinks because it is a stimulant. Some of the research states that caffeine improves mental focus, concentration and attentiveness. But caffeine can affect your nerve system for at least six hours. Pretend that you drink energy drink about to the time to go to bed; you may have experience difficulty sleeping because the caffeine may still be stimulating your central nervous system and prevent you from fall asleep. A can of Red Bull has 80mg of caffeine, which is quite a lot for daily recommendation. Caffeine has greater effects on people with higher caffeine sensitivity.


Drinking energy drink constantly could possibly increase the risk for chronic health problems. Sugars added such as the glucose and sucrose in the drink cause tooth decay. The research from Kids health warns that if you frequently depend on energy drinks with caffeine to keep yourself awake, you may become dependent and have difficulty on concentration without drinking them. Another side effect of energy drink is that increasing the risk for osteoporosis because caffeine causes our body to lose calcium. Also Caffeine can interact with heart disease medications and it can also cause heart attack or arrhythmia.




Animals can be our faithful companions throughout the life. We look to our pets when we are ready to play and laugh, and they instinctively know when we need their support.


But some parents concern about keeping a pets in the house when they bring home a newborn baby, worry about that the pet could be harmful to the baby’s health, or that a jealous dog or cat could become aggressive to the infant. But according to a study published in the journal Pediatrics, dogs actually make babies healthier. The report gives strong evidence that infants living with dogs and cats are actually better off than kids living without them.


What do dogs or cats have to do with your baby’s risk of catching a cold? According to the research, they may help lower the infants’ risk of coughs and sneezes during the first year. In the journal Pediatrics, researchers say that babies who grow up in homes with a pet are less likely to get sick or develop in allergies than children who live without pet. The results support the idea that keeping infants’ environments overly sanitized is not good for their health. It’s normal thoughts that when a newborn baby enters a home that the environment must be completely sanitized; but the baby will get sick. Overly sanitized environments are not good for their overall health.


Previous research has accompanying the presence of pets with a lower risk of allergies among babies, while a recent study that highlights the dust from household with a dog prevented infection with a common respirational virus that is thought to escalate the risk of early childhood asthma symptoms.


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Already many people know and recognize that the cigarettes are harmful to their health. For that reason, a lot of smokers try to quit the smoke or find the other substitution goods of cigarette. E-cigarette is the well-known substitution goods of cigarette for several reasons. I researched that how E-cigarette works and benefits of E-cigarette.

All e-cigarette works basically the same way as a traditional cigarette. An e-cigarette is a battery-powered device that converts the liquid nicotine into mist or viper that the user inhales. That’s why people say e-cigarette as a “vaping”.  It looks like totally same as traditional cigarette, there is a heavy cloud of smoke, but there are no fire and smell.


Here is several reasons that people choose e-cigarette instead of traditional cigarette. The first reason is that the customer can save them money. Approximately, one cartridge of e-cigarette is equal as a pack of normal cigarettes. However, the price gap is huge. The second reason is an e-cigarette is safer than traditional cigarette. The biggest danger of tabaco is smoke, but compare with that we don’t need to burn the e-cigarette. Therefore, there is less chemical reaction to the e-cigarette. Also, according to the report, published by Public Healthy England, stated that e-cigarette are 95% safer than normal cigarettes. The most important reason is that e-cigarette can help to quit the regular cigarette. According to the research, “E-cigarette have been shown to be as effective as nicotine inhalers in reducing both craving and withdrawal effects.”

Already, there is a lot of reports about e-cigarette. Almost report mentioned about the benefits of the e-cigarette and explain how good it is. However, we should recognize that even government officials say that there is still a lot we don’t know about the e-cigarette.



How music affect our health?

In now days, the music is a huge part of our life. Whatever we do, and wherever we go, the music is always next to us. When people want to feel better, they usually find the music, which their favorite to control their mind. Also, people already know about the benefits of music. It reduces our stress, changing mood and raising states of consciousness. Then, how music affects to us? There are some of the benefits of music.

Before I said that, the music affects many different parts of the brain.



The first effect of music is that it can improve visual and verbal skills. Already in several studies proved that the music education at an early age stimulates the child’s brain and it helps to improve their visual and verbal skills. The children who learned the music lessons, had a greater ability to communicate and smile more frequency to other people.

Also, the music makes the brain healthier. Listening the music or playing the music is like exercise the brain, so it helps to have better memory and mental sharpness. In this activity also using to people who got a hurt the brain.

The third effect that I introduce is the music boosts your immune system and reduce pain. According to research, listing the music in 50 minutes uplift the levels of antibodies in the human body increases.

The last effect of benefit is the music improve sleep quality. The sleep quality is deeply related with stress and anxiety. Also, the music has an ability to reduce both of them. From the research, listening music is promotes better sleep pattern and provide more restful sleeps to people.

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How many hours of sleep do we need?


Today’s fast-paced society, it is normal to sleep less than 7 hours. Especially, for college students like us, usually sleep less than a few hours before the test or a big assignment. I think that is the only option that we can choose because we need more time to do things that are assigned to us. However, if we want to keep our bodies healthy, sleep is really important for us. Just like diets and exercises, sleep is also an important factor which can help us to keep the healthy condition.

According to the National Institutes of Health, the average adult sleeps less than 7 hours per day. They suggest us to sleep 7.5 hours to 9 hours per day to keep the healthy condition of our bodies. Children and teenagers need more sleep compare to the adult and even older people need to get at least 7.5 to 8 hours of sleep per day. A little nap time can help us to fill recommended sleep hours.

Some people may feel fine after they only slept less than 7 hours. That is maybe because of the gene that enables people to do fine with just 6 hours of sleep per day. However, according to the National Institutes of Health Researchers at the University of California, this gene is really rare, less than 3% of the population have this gene. So, most of us need to sleep at least more than 7.5 hours to keep our bodies in shape.

Still, we need to make a choice to sleep less than recommended sleep hours because we have things to be done before the due. However, I think keep recommended sleep hours when it is possible can help us to have better conditions of our bodies.





Does the Diet supplement medicine actually losing weight?


In these days, appearance is one of the competitiveness to show myself to others. Therefore, everyone thinks about lose or maintain their weight at once. For that reason, many people research about the way to diet effetely on the internet. Also, there are a lot of diet pills show up in the market. However, the diet pills are actual effect to diet? Is there any negative side effect?

First of all, we should know how does weight loss supplement work? The diet supplement exists as pills, powders, liquids and teas. It helps you lose weight by stimulating metabolism. Also, the ingredients which contain in the supplement helps to burn your fat, feel full before you eat a lot, and curb your craving for food. Because of those reasons, many people decide to take the dietary supplements instead of work out. It is an easy way to lose weight.

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Then, what we should know about the risks of dietary supplements? There are several risks on my research. However, I will introduce three main risks of dietary medicine. The first risk is heart attack and stroke. In the diet pills, there are some ingredients which can be occurred heart attack and stroke. It banned from the market, however, they illegally make their way back into these pills. The second risk is that it can be damaging to the kidneys. According to research, one of the diet brand medicine occur serious adverse kidneys reactions, including hepatitis and jaundice to the person who took it. The last risk is high blood pressure. Many of the weight loss drugs known as sympathomimetic amines can stimulate high blood pressure.

As stated above, there are some harmful side effects of diet pills. Therefore, we should take a look at the diet pills carefully for our health. Before taking the pills, we should understand the diet pills labels. Also, studies completely by company itself or recommendations from magazines or newspaper.

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