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How Much Can We Trust On Our Sense Perception?

What Is Sense Perception?

Sense is any of the faculties of sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch, by which the body perceives an external stimulus. There are 5 common sense: Smell, Observation, Touch, Taste and Hear. Thus Sense perception is our way of receive knowledge through this 5 senses. However, all of our 5 sense was not use in their fully potential, there is a balance between each sense. If you are really good at one sense, you will have at least one bad sense, vice versa. Such as blind people are really good at hear and touch while they are bad at Observation.

How Much Can We Trust On Our Sense?

People are suck at multi-tasking, so people also suck at using multiple sense. For example, when we are doing our some job really hard, we can barely hear what the people said around us, although we can hear the content, we may not fully comprehend the meaning of the word because we are focusing on something else. So will other sense cheat us? Yes, definitely. One of  examples is called McGurk Effect. It is a perceptual phenomenon that demonstrates an interaction between hearing and vision in speech perception. The illusion occurs when the auditory component of one sound is paired with the visual component of another sound, leading to the perception of a third sound. Here is a demonstration of this effect:

From this video, we can learn that the sound of what we hear from the video changed when the visual imagine has changed. Thus, our sense is messing the information we received in some perspective.

Here is another example, look at the sentence below:




I think there is no doubt that the sentence I show is: “This sentence has something wrong with it”, but if you read the sentence throughly, you will figure out that I use HAS twice in the sentence. Although the sentence itself imply that there is something wrong among the sentence, people will not revise it because people’s sense has told them that they have already know the sentence. So  our senses tricks us once again.

In addition, one of the most famous example that people sense is cheating us is the moving “still imagine”.屏幕快照 2015-11-09 下午10.14.26

When I first show you the conner of this imagine, it looks like still because there is no interference in this imagine.

屏幕快照 2015-11-09 下午10.14.35

But when we remove a square block, we can feel some motion inside the imagine.

屏幕快照 2015-11-09 下午10.14.43

The more we reveal from the imagine, the more motion we can feel. However, from the first imagine, we can see that the photo is completely still, and we can say that it is our sense messing the information we received once again.


People are really confident about their senses, but the reality is that what we see may not match up to the reality at all, as the previous examples demonstrated, our sense is sometime transmit the knowledge we received wrongfully, or even create the effect of illusion. People should be humble about their sense perception, otherwise we may eventually make some mistake.


Do Eating Meat Makes People Stupid?


Being a huge fan of meat, I can not stand a meal without meat, because I cannot enjoy anything if vegetable is the only thing I chew. However, my ambitious for meat has weaken after I have read an article on newspaper that claims that consume too much meat will makes people stupid. If I have to choose between my intelligence and meat, I will definitely chose to eat less meat, because there are way much pleasure we could earn by our intelligence rather than the joy you enjoy when you consume meat. So I decide to dig deeper if consume of meat will makes people stupid?


  1. In 2008, Scientists in Southhampton University have done a research about this topic. The Target of the study were adult who were older than 30 years old (8170 people) , and the aim of the research is to investigate their IQ and dietary habit when they were 10 years old. The result of the research is 4.5% of the sample have habit of consume vegetable and 123 people in the sample like to eat meat in their meal very much. The researcher found out that people who prefer meat rather than vegetable only increase their IQ 15% when they became adult and the other who likes vegetable more have increase unto 38% of their IQ.
  2. According to a Study from Harvard which published on Annals of Neurology, a study of 6,000 women was conducted in order to test their dietary habits and brains function in 4 years. They found out women who ate most saturated fat scored lower on tests of brain function and memory. Women who ate the most Monounsaturated fats scored higher on the test. However, this study only target women as sample, so it became less compelling to Men about this issue, also the weakness of this study will make people be confuse about the issue about whether Men’s IQ will affect by eating meat.
  3. In National Child Development study (UK) ,  people who are vegetarian at age 42 have a higher Childhood general IQ than those who are not.Different than the second study, this study consider not only women but also men which eliminate the affect of bias between gender. By the way, the graph also show that the average childhood IQ of men in the study has a higher IQ than Women’s Childhood IQ.

Are Meat bad for us

After seeing those research above, people may be frighten about consumption of meat. 2 out of 3 studies above is investigating about childhood IQ, and the other one is a studies is only study which involve women. So there are chance that those studies can not 100% convincible to us. On the other side, people need a lot of element in meat to keep our body healthy, such as Vitamin-B, Protein and Omega-3 Fatty acid. So you are still the judge on how much meat you are going to consume.


There is definitely a correlation between the meat consumption and Intelligence, however,  it is possible that third variables may exist. By the way, eat some vegetable during you meal will definitely have no harm to your health or even improve your health, so it is good to balance your dietary habits in order to improve your health. One thing really important is consume too much meat may also cause obesity, and the problem follow by obesity is much worse than a lower IQ, because it may cause Death, So it is better for us to have appropriate amount meat for each meal but not overload.


Do technology improvement make our life better? -Conclusion

Technology is such a big topic that there are many things I did not cover in my blog series and it is nearly impossible for any of us to explore all the field in technology because there are technology improvements every seconds on someplace of the world.

In this blog series, I have mentioned some recently invented technologies that people may still not know about. We can see the progress of environmental  and the endless conveniency improvement in transportation from the release of New-energy Automobile, although there is


no significance evidence that support that this kind of vehicle actually improve the quality of environment, it still has a long way to improve and it does create a new transportation experience for people. Alone is no longer a adjective for us because voice assistance is now a chat mate with us , despite the fact that companies’ is using these lovely creation to collect our information. We can see the great effort by scientist on vaccination from the creation of nano-patch that there is always some new technology invented when people are suffer from problems. And last, we observe the ways of knowing behind the creation of Artificial body part that stimulus people from doing something they originally think impossible.

There possibilities in Science is infinite, but there is still a lot of things people need to consider beside the technologies, such as the cost of the tech in order to go public, the effectiveness of the tech, etc. If people do not consider such crucial factors when they try to invent something, it would either cause the creation is too expensive for all people to use, or it is way less effective than it supposed to be. On behalf of all these issues, it is really important for us to understand the cautiousness when we are try to proposed something.


Still it is really hard to give a solid conclusion about the question we raised about whether technology improvement make our life better as we can see both advantage and disadvantage from technology improvement. There is no such a thing in the world that we can be sure about, so does this question, So there is no metric to scale whether someone’s opinion on such question. Maybe you have a lot of disagreement with my argument for each of the topic I have write about, but because there is no right or wrong to have our own opinion on something, we can have a further discussion on those topic if you are interested in technology.


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New-energy Automobile

voice assistance


Artificial body part

Do technology improvement make our life better? -What’s Behind Invention(Artificial Body Parts)

Technologies always give people a lot of surprise, they will always appear when a new issues has been raised. In the past centuries, wars have been occurring all over the war and one of the major cause after the war is injuries: Some of the soldiers only get scratches but some lose their body parts and this is really a catastrophic to them because before the war they can do a tones other activities with their complete body, but after the war they may some kind of losing most of their lives. As I mentioned, technologies will always give people surprise when people need them. In order to solve this kind of problem, scientists have spend a lot of time and create a machine or semi-robot which may assist disabilities to retrieve “what belongs to them” called Artificial Body Parts.

Currently there are 10 Body part that science is replacing: 

  1. Fingers that store digital files
  2. Artificial Eyes
  3. Artificial Pancreas
  4. Noses That smell Diseases
  5. 3-D Printed Ears
  6. Miniature Human Brains
  7. Thought-Controlled Bionic legs
  8. Prosthetic Hands That Sense Touch
  9. Beating Hearts related in a Petri Dish
  10. Supersensitive Electronic Skin

I am not going to explain all of this 10 body parts to all of you today, but what I am going to show you today is a story about artificial arms. First, Let us see a TED talk by Dean Kamen.

Does it look really cool? Just as Dean Kamen said, the artificial body arm he built is really like the one in terminator and it does met the requirement that DOD gave him, even surpass the requirement. Maybe all of you start wondering if I am going to explain those fascinating technologies that Dean used in those arms, but as the last content I am going to write in this blog series, I would like to try something new: I would like to now what makes him turn the impossible in science to success?

Obviously, from the title of the talk, it is emotion that affect the invention.So our Null hypothesis here is the Emotion has no effect to Dean’s proficiency to build the arm and our Alternative hypothesis is emotion has an effect to Dean’s Proficiency.  As we lean from the talk, Dean reject the DOD for the first time when he was assigned the task because all those requirement from DOD was sounded crazy and as a scientist he knew that the requirement is way too far that is impossible to achieved with what he had got. However, emotion, being one of the ways of knowing, stimulus his sympathy and his determination to make it happen. So It is possible that it is the emotion which stimulus Dean’s proficiency because create something people ever accomplished. This hypothesis is non-testable because Dean’s invention process is already passed, so if the alternative stand, it could be false negative or correct. However, because we have no significance evidence that Emotion is the factor which affect Dean’s invention because it was only an anecdote said by himself, it is also possible that Null hypothesis can stand that Dean is not confident about to finished the project at first which he can accomplish by his knowledge. But as far as we learn from Dean, we can really sure about if it is not emotion, Dean will never accept this mission and if he did not accept the mission, he will never built the arms.

Artificial Body parts apparently help to improve people’s life as we could saw from the video that how happy the people react when they got their “arms” back. But there are still a lot of ethical issue we are going discuss further about such as is it ethical make a huge change to a disabilities when he/she has already adapt his/her life without the losing part? However, as far as what we saw, people are happy about this kind of great invention, and thanks to the emotion chemical as a stimulus behind science that makes impossible thing into possible and improve people’s live.


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voice assistance




Do technology improvement make our life better? -NanoPatch

In today’s SC200 class, Andrew explain something about vaccination and this remind me a TED Talk I’ve watched in my High school Theory of Knowledge class which is related to my topic today. This ted talk is about Nano patch, so before I go further on this topic, lets review this TED talk from Mark Kendall– A professor in University of Queensland.

So what is the connection between the nano-patch and the vaccination we talked about in today’s class? In the end of today’s SC200 class, there is a slide which show that there is a extreme high percentage(up to 99.9999%) safety and we give a “Yes” to the question of “Do vaccination works?”; however, what we are discussing today has eliminate all the confounding variables that may encounter with how does the vaccination works: The most common way that people get vaccinated nowadays is needle injection but there is a lot of issues related to needle injection such as: “Needle phobia is a defined* medical condition that affects between 20 and 23 percent of the adult population to such an extent that it causes them to avoid needed medical care. “(, “In an anonymous 2010 survey of 5,446 clinical personnel who administer injections, 6% said they “sometimes or always” use single-use medication vials to draw shots for more than one patient”( After revealing these data related to needle, we can do a simple math to calculate out that the successfulness for a person to get vaccinate is not 99.9999% and that’s why the nano patch was invented. So related back to our topic, do nano patch makes our lives better?

The null hypothesis for this question is is does not make our lives better, and the alternative hypothesis is it does. In order to exam this problem, I am going to use some facts to test the hypothesis and let you know more about Nano-Patch.



Nanopatch compare with needle







Here is an model of Nanopatch, and it told people precisely that how does the Nanopatch works, although the projections of the Nanopatch Seems very scary and sharp, but when we compare the needle with Nanopatch, we can obviously see that how tiny those projections are. Because needle-phobia is “is a fear of medical needle procedures resulting from the sensation (or the memories of past sensations) of the needle entering the body”(, the Nano patch largely reduce the effect of the this kind of feeling because the effect of the projection penetrate your skin is less than a mosquito. In addition, the Nanopatch is made by  semi-conductor which allow massive production and with a lower cost, according to Mark himself, he state that we could reduce the cost from 10 dollars from a needle to 10 cent if we use nano patch. Just because of this special characteristic of Nanopatch, it largely reduce the chance that the needle infection problem because a lower cost would make reuse less likely.

How good is a NanoPatch?

some people may argue that it is not enough to persuade them that Nanopatch works with only some solution to needle problem, so lets see how does the Nanopatch performed.

Screen shot from the TED

Screen shot from the TED

Here is a table which show the comparison between effectiveness  of needle and Nanopatch Vaccination. We could clearly see that the Nanopatch has a higher effectiveness with less dose compare with needle because it directly interact with the immune cell of your body instead of the muscle as needle did, which once again prove the low cost characteristic. However, there is still something I want to add up as this point that I want to add up as a SC200 student, there is still but very less probabilities that a file drawer problem might exist.

In addition, there is a ground breaking point for the invention of Nanopatch is that they turned the liquid vaccine which need to keep in a cold chain from production to vaccination into dry vaccine that could be retain its effectiveness under 23 Celsius Degree for one year.

To sum up, there is still a long way for Nanopatch to go. There is no significance evidence to prove that Nanopatch has no effect to our life, in fact it has make a great progression in the history of human vaccination, and it is now use in some African country to cure people, so we have to reject the null hypothesis at the moment. It is possible that some serious issue may pop up as time pass, but so far things looks pretty good, and it does benefit our lives. At the end of my blog, I want to extend this question because Nanopatch only increase the effectiveness of vaccination, in another words that it is only a medium to vaccinate people, it is a fact that disease will become stronger though time and the real problem for people is how can we keep our vaccine up to date with the growth of the virus cell?


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voice assistance

Artificial body part


Do technology improvement make our life better? -Voice Assistance

Artificial Intelligence, with no doubt, is the most controversy topic discuss around people. It is really cool for people to have a machine to assist them for everything in life which may increase a lot of efficiency of doing everything or maybe people are no longer require to work. However, AI in reality does not seems a groundbreaking and beneficial creation because it may possibly do more harm than good. You may said this argument is non-sense because I am no body in the technology field, but there are a lot of technology giants who have already express their objection to “Harmful”AI such as Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX, Tesla and SolarCity, has donates $10mn to stop AI turning against humans(RT USA). However, What we are going to discuss today is not about whether AI should exist because the existence of AI is in progress, and the early stage for it is Voice Assistance.

Voice Assistance, A non-vauge term for people, is a function people use all days, it is so connivence that it could comprehend people’s voice into instruction and respond as what the programming told it to do. So people may start wondering how does Voice Assistance will become on of the stage of development of AI. Here is a picture showing how does the communication system works, and what does the voice assistance doing is just as the

“Signal processing system” by Brews ohare – Own work

commutation system: people’s voice transform into electronic signal, and the receiver transfer the electronic signal to the database and make comparison with the voice in the data base, then return the TRUE and machine understandable voice to the voice assistance server, thus voice assistance could make responds correctly. In addition, this kind of system will constantly improve when people ask for its assistance because every one single user speak to the server, it will automatically increase one data in the data base, so one more comparable object that will allow future communication more accurate, so the voice assistance become clever and clever as time goes.

So how close is the voice assistance to us? it is just embedded in our life, for example the Siri from Apple, Cortana from MicroSoft are two of the most commonly used voice assistance on mobile device, and company such as AT&T, United Airline also use voice assistance before the calling costumer service. Just imagine how big will the database goes with all these companies which use voice assistance and how clever will the future generation of voice assistance be. There is a significant improvement in Siri(iOS9):”Siri becomes a smarter assistant by looking at how you use your iPhone at any given moment and recommending ways for you to use it next, interpreting natural language into commands.”(MacWorld).

Samaritan assessing system threats (Person of Interest)

Although it is only a hypothesis that the development of AI will eventually out of people’s control because though out the history, the law of survival of the fittest told us the stronger creature would eliminate the weaker creature in order to secure their place on earth. And there are also a lot of imaginary film or video about the AI such as the Matrix series, Person of Interest series and Terminator series has demonstrate us the catastrophe result when the AI turn against human, despite they were all fiction, but no one would about to predict what is going to look like if it come true because no one has ever experience this kind of situation.

I am not accusing any of the company or people who is making progress in voice assistance because I am one beneficiary of voice assistance: I will ask Siri to set an alarm next morning in order to keep me on time for class, I will ask Siri about the weather and decide what kind of outfit am I going to wear, I will communicate with the voice assistance of United Airlines which may direct me to the right customer service without listen the instruction and click the numbers on the keypad. I have to admit that Voice assistance is really useful for us in our daily life, I am do really enjoy the life with it, but if the thing go south, people cannot manage the creation by themselves, the cost for it will also be unpredictable. Back to our topic of the blog, Do technology improvement in voice assistance make our life better? Until now, it is really a Yes and No question: Yes because voice assistance do really make our life more convenient and efficient and No because we are not sure about if all those improvement and task we are dueling right was a matting for the future disaster. Thus, there is a lot of studies and experiment which need to take place in order to determine how are we going to regulate the development of AI in order to keep it under a manageable range.


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New-energy Automobile


Artificial body part


Do technology improvement make our life better? – NewEnergy AutoMobile

Lets Start this blog with this pie graph, as we can see, the graph show the proportion of contributor of Green house effect and transportation is no doubt the second biggest donor of green house gases. In order to solve this problem, people nowadays are working on a new type of cars called NewEnergy Automobile: it first comes out as the Hybrid type which use both electricity and gasoline and derive to today’s pure electric auto-mobile. After the release of the new-energy auto mobile, people are enthusiastic  about this new invention because they will largely reduce our gasoline consumption and thus reduce the green house gas emission.

Total U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions by Economic Sector in 2013

If we interpret people thought into this graph, when all the cars on the street were electricity cars, the total emission for green house gas would be reduce by 27%. However, do people ever think about if this conclusion is valid? Do the technology improvement in Automobile industry would actually reduce the green house gas emission? We are going to find out this issue in the this blog.In the case of the relationship between electric cars and green house effect, the use of electric cars is the x variable and green house effect is y variable.

In this case, our null hypothesis is the use of Electric car have no effect to the green house effect. and our alternative hypothesis is the use of electricity car have effect to the green house effect. First, as we mentioned above, if all the cars on the street were electric cars, the total emission for green house gas would not be reduced by 27% because electricity is definitely the largest contributor to the green house effect as the pie chart shown, and the power source for electricity car is electricity, so in this case we fail to reject the alternative hypothesis. So lets see from a deeper level, the history of the electricity vehicle told us the first mass production of electric cars start from 1997, so if the  existence of electric cars have effect to green house gas emission, there will be a decrease in the amount of transportation emission.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Transportation

As the graph above show, since 1997, there is no evidence of showing the emission of transportation decrease, and on the contrary, the graph above have show the evidence that there is an increase in the transportation emission. So we can say that the mass production of the electric car do not have a positive effect to the green house effect.

After this two statistic analysis, we can see that the new-energy car do not effectively reduce the green house effect; however, we still can not make a conclusion about whether electric cars will benefit us from this two measurement because in the future there are a lot of variabilities that may happen like if we change the way we generate electricity, we may largely reduce the green house gas create by burning coal and that was the time we can have a different result from the first measurement. In addition, automobile companies are working really hard on improving their electric car, such as Tesla decrease 0-60mph accretion time for their P90D models from 3.1s to 2.8s by only improve the algorithm and this is also another way of improvement in our life. To sum up, the discussion of the Newenergy car may be an on-going problem for a long time and maybe there will be another form of new-energy car such as car powered by hydrogen, but for the moment, we can say that there is no significant evidence which show that the new energy car really help us on the environment or energy problem.

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voice assistance


Artificial body part


Do technology improvement make our life better? -Introduction

In this blog period, I want to do something different than what I have already did in the first period that I want to use the whole blog period to introduce you about only one topic: “Do technology improvement make our life better?” and I am more confident about doing my blog this way after Andrew said about the blog today.

Mercedes-Benz F 015 Luxury in Motion Self-driving cars

For most of the people may give a ‘yes’ with no doubt because what we are embedded in those advanced technologies today and ” we cannot live without these technologies”. The creation of Engine make the term “transportation” sounds real, the creation of internet allow us to access information in a much convenient way, the creation of smart phones ensure us could travel with the least item that we are going to bring, etc. For all those example I have list, technology improvement does make our life better, and I have to admit that I am a crazy fan about advance technologies because all of them are so cool and they just make us closer and closer to ” the future show in the threater”. However, there are voice about technology is the thing which cause humanity a lot of trouble. The invention of engine allow all those automobile run on the street which cause the environmental problem by the exhausted gases.

Dean Kamen’s incredible robot arm is good to go

The invention of the internet reveal people’s privacies and the anonymous strangers always create panic and chaos. Indeed, the smartphone is one of the best inventions in the world, and I love it so much, but people also claim that the Smartphone creates problems on study, health and the society. Thus, we can see a lot of evidence are on both sides of the balance, which means both arguments are solid to exist and I am going to share some of my understanding towards to each argument in the several blogs after.

Siri (iOS9)

In these series of blogs, I am not going to focus on those common issue that people are used to in their lives mentioned above: I am going to point my finger on the topic which is popular recently: New energy automobile, AI-Vocie Assistance , Nano-Patch, and Artificial Body Part. Hope you will like it.


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Artificial body part


Traditional Chinese Medicine

Do you remember my FengShui Post? As soon as I get a better understanding on pseudo science, I’d like to spot them on a daily basis. I suffered from Asthma in 2013 winter because of the extreme cold weather and I was recommend to see a Traditional Chinese doctor under my parents’ wish. However, my condition did not get better but worse after I use the traditional medicine. That was when I remember a research I have read an article on the EEO’s website about Chinese medicine when I was finding information about Pseudo Science: “Chinese medicine is not science” [[1]]. In order to convince my parents that Chinese medicine will not be good for me, I did a little research on the process on the modern medicine that is on another category. When scientists research a new modern medicine, it takes about 5 to 10 years before the reliability of the medicine is released. Before scientists have an idea on what kind of medicine they are going to develop, they need to use their memory of knowledge on what ingredients of the drugs would help to cure a specific disease and how to combine them in to a tablet and use imagination to predict the possible side-effects. Plus, scientists will need to use the scientific method to prove their hypothesis. After tons of research and development, the compound become one of the pills we use in our daily life.

Picture from:””

As a comparison, there is a huge difference in the developing process of traditional medicine and Western medicine. For a traditional doctor, they have a record of the herbs that they are going to use as a prescription in the form of Ying and Yang: Ying represents cold medicine and Yang represents the hot medicine. And when you come to a traditional doctor, they give you a diagnosis of your body in relation to Ying and Yang. It seems reasonable that both types of medicine are using reason as a main way of knowing but what’s the difference lies in the process. Evidence is the main point of difference so I convince my parent to use the modern medicine instead of Chinese. The result was I recovered after 3 months.

The result show me that Chinese medicine is not that effective than the pill was and it could be a strong evidence that Chinese medicine is a pseudo science; However, the long lasting facts that Chinese people using Chinese medicine to cure themselves have give a good example on the effective side on Chinese medicine, so the real question for us today is to discuss whether the time has weaken the effect of Chinese medicine. For more information about Chinese medicine, click here.

[[1]] Eeo, Web

The Harm and Control of Air Pollusion

There are a lot of kinds of pollution that are around us such as water pollution, air pollution, and light pollution. Being a boy lives in a city, I can strong feel that the air is seriously polluted but what we have loss concern is about the light pollution, and it is always important because we use light all the time.
To define what is light pollution, we can separate it in to three kinds of light pollution: white light pollution, artificial daylight and IPL pollution.
White light pollution is cause by the sunlight. During daytime, when the sun light shines in to the city, it will reflect by those glass on the window, bricks and all kinds of material which can reflect light. You may just think it is just a piece of cake- it is just only a sun shine, but the harmful effect of the white light pollution are all direct to human’s body. Some researcher give a conclusion that those people who live and work in the atmosphere that have white light pollution will have some destroy on there eyes and decrease there eyesight. Also if you stay in a place that was full of strong sunlight, you may sometime feel dizzy and can make you feel down.
Artificial daylight is a kind of pollution that cause by the advertisement board during night. Because that light on the board is too shining and makes the city was just like the daytime so that’s why we called this artificial daylight. People who live in the all-day-light city can’t have a good sleeping time because the manmade light is too strong and makes people can’t go dream very well. Thus it will cause the people is not efficient on either working or studying. By the way, artificial daylight will also affect birds and insects.
IPL pollution in another way we can explain it to colorful light pollution, we can found this kind of pollution in the clubs or KTV. Why this beautiful light can harm our body? Because the UV they create is much stronger than what we can get from sunlight. As we all know, UV can cause a lot of health disease the most common one is skin cancer. Also those colorful lights are not good for our eyes and may affect our nervous system.
As we can see, those harmful effect can cause a lot of problems, so what we need to do is decrease and take control of it. To decrease the disadvantage of the light pollution, I think the key point is arrange of those light source carefully. This can solve the problem of the artificial daylight and the IPL pollution, because this two of the light resource is all create by our human, so if we arrange our light resource reasonable, I think this can slow down this problem. But how can we solve the white light pollution? Because the white light pollution is cause by the reflection so these may most occur in the city area, if we make a control on the building materials so that the reflection won’t be so strong this problem will be decrease. On the other hand, if the government have release some policy to control the lightness of those light in the city, this can cause those light not be so shine and ease a lot of problem. In addition, I think the most efficient way is to use new kind of energy-saving light resource, because those light resource is much clean than what we are use now and those light resource is not that spin on eyes so it will be good.

By considering the way to solve the light pollution, we must also thought about effect related after the solution. If we solve this problem by decrease the strengthen of the light in the city, it may someway solve the problem but on the other hand, it will also leads the road become more darker, in my opinion, the strengthen of the light in a city was been carefully calculated, so when the light gets darker it may increase the rate that a traffic problem is happened. Plus, if we make a regulation to some place like club, those light will not be stimulated to our eyes any more but if the light of the club was not that shine than before, it will decrease the customer in the club, because people tend to have that kind of atmosphere in the club. By the way, the club can’t earn that much money anymore and some may run out of business, it will leads them to pay less income tax and may not pay tax because corrupt. So the government can’t earn this part of money and loss some part of the money that can contribute to the society.
Hence we know that every coin has two sides, so does the solution due to the light pollution, what we needs to do is Take care of this problem and use the most effective way to do the right job to the society.
Also, from the Economic point of view, if we control the strengthen of the light in the city, it will have a negative effect on it. Just imagine that the place where you live is a tourism or a international city, it is necessary to let the light in the city become more bright to attract people’s eyes, so when more people come, in an other words, it will bring us more income and it can leads to the increase of GDP by the way. For example, Hongkong is a international city, when you were living in Hongkong, you may never feel that there has a night coming to you. Plus, if you were on plane and it is going to touch down, you will see how beautiful the city was by the creation of the light.

If you would like to know more about air pollution, click here

Harm from Static Electricity

Static electricity is a common thing among our life, it appears all around us, nowadays, the technology becomes more advance, so a lot of thing was use in different area, the static electricity also does, we use it for cleaning, purify the air, copy, etc. Anyway, every coin have two sides, static electricity is also harmful to us in some ways.

When we will feel the static electricity? I think a lot of people will answer that during winter, when we are taking off our clothes, we can feel the static electricity, but we static electricity also is visible on driving. During we were driving on car, the speed is really fast, so there will cause a lot of friction with the air that comes towards to us, so we have study that friction can cause electricity particles, thus, when a car runs in a high speed, there will cause a lot of electricity particle on the car and that’s why sometime when we try to open the car’s door, we will feel the electricity, which we called this static electric, it is not really pain, but it will harm our skin, the best solution of this problem is let the car connect to the ground, so that it will led those electricity particles goes to the ground. Also, if there are the static electricity on cars, it will cause a really serious problem. When a car with a static electricity drive in to a fuel station, it can cause a boom, because static electricity can cause a spark, and the air around the station were contain some fuel atoms, and when the spark met the fuel it will blows up, and it will effect peoples life, the solution due to this problem is also connect to the ground.

By the way, we know that, we can also use the static electricity to safe the people who is nearly die, to use a machine to pump his heart and let It runs again. So static electricity also can effect our heart. During the daily life, if we touch a place with tones of static electricity, it can also pump our heart in a way, and it is much different than the electricity that safe people, because in our normal life, our heart pump in a common speed, when it is pump by the static electricity, it will shocked our heart and may cause a sudden stop of working of our heart. We still need to take care of it, although this phenomenon is not really common, to prevent the hurt to.

Now we can see how the static electric is harm to us, so we must to find out some thing to control this problem. As we all know that, we can found the static electricity in dry area, so the first way to control that I suggest is to increase the humidity, so that the place will no be so dry and can be not that easy to gain the static electricity. The second suggestion is what I’ve repeat several time in the formal paragraph, connect to the ground, I think it is a effective way because it can quickly let all the electron particle goes to the ground. The last suggestion that I will give is to prevent the static electricity. The first we are goanna do is to have some sign to let people know here may have electricity, moreover, we can control it during it create, the static electricity stays on the surface of some object, so when an object is more isolated, the static electricity is more easy to stay on the surface of it and this object can more easy create static electricity, so when we are producing something, we need to focus on this problem, if we want the thing we produce not effect by the static electricity, just made it out with some material which were can conduct electricity.

Despite solving this problem is really important relate to people’s life, but if you stand on a economic point, when you do this, it is not profitable, and entrepreneur is tend to make the biggest profit during a business process, thus if you are a businessman, you have own a clothing factory, there a some ability to cause some static electricity’s effect, and when this happened, there is goanna leads to a lot of death, however there are some cost on this if you are going to make some protection of the static electricity and this will lower your profit, so a lot of people will ignore this and say it is not happening often so there is no need to do the protection. But if there is a boom, it will cause some extra money that are much more than the protection costs, and it may let you in jail or bankrupt in some ways, so in the economic point of view, it is necessary to solve the static electricity’s problem.

Also, when we look at this problem in a moral way, we will found out that solving this problem is really important. I think no one wants see that thousand of life were killed in a second because the static electric in air cause some spark and leads to a boom.

To sum up, solving the static electricity’s problem is really important, although there may also have some positive side of it, we still need to control it to make a best used of it. If you want to know more about static electricity, please click here.

About Urbanization

As urbanization problem become more serious, there are a lot of issue that was been made out, as soon as more and more people were came in to a city, as a result, there will be a lot of traffic, a lot of garbage, a lot of population were brought in by the way, but what I am consider about is the flooding problem.

When more people move into city, more energy were came with their owner, so this will cause the average temperature going to rise. We have study that rising temperature will cause the particle in the object gain more energy to move faster, so it will evaporate faster, when the rate of water particles evaporate in the city area increase, by using the cloud forming process’ knowledge that we have study in the Geography class this will also increase the speed that it made cloud, when a cloud is form, this will also leads more rain. When the drops reach the point of the river level and the city cannot quickly lower its level, a flood is happened.

“Guangzhou dusk panorama” by chensiyuan – chensiyuan.

This is only one cause of the flood, there are various of factor can affect flooding, but urbanization is a phenomenon that all of us can’t avoid because it can increase the economic growth, thus, what we are going to do is to try to prevent the flooding problem. Because when there is a flood, there will bring us a unbelievable amount of economic lost.

A way can try to avoid is to have a good organization of drainage system at the first beginning we arrange our city. For example, when there is a raining day, my school will really look like a pool, only because the drainage system is really bad, and this affect the efficient we study. However, it is not a easy and impossible job to change the drainage system of the city at the moment, because most of the city is already completely arrange.

Although we can’t solve this problem by change the drainage system, we can solve this from the cause of it. Because it can be cause by the rising temperature, we can decrease it. As we know, when the engine was started on, it will rise the temperature, so if we can have a regulation to on the vehicles, and we can decrease the problem.

For more about urbanization problem, click here

Is Feng Shui a Science?

What is Feng Shui? (This is the link where the article comes from)

“If you’ve already read a bit about Feng Shui, you may be somewhat confused by the seemingly contradictory advice you’ve encountered. People who are unfamiliar with this method may have some misconceptions and apprehension.

Feng Shui is not

  • A get-rich-quick method of Asian interior design that guarantees impossible results for mystically rearranging your furniture
  • A superstitious or magical belief system, or a New Age fad that disconnects you from reality or from your daily life
  • A simple home and garden makeover
  • A quick fix to be tackled in one afternoon
  • A luxury only the rich and famous can afford

So the million-dollar question is, what is Feng Shui?

  • On the surface, Feng Shui is the simple interaction of humans and their environments. Taken a step further, Feng Shui enables you to influence these interacting energies to achieve specific life improvements. This influence is achieved by positioning or designing your surroundings in harmony with principles of natural energy flow. As a result, you (and your life) can achieve harmony with your surroundings. Feng Shui is practical and grounding, and it helps you right where you live and work.
  • Feng Shui is often referred to as the art of placement. How you place your furniture, possessions, and yourself within your surroundings largely determines your life experience at every level. Feng Shui offers a unique way of looking at yourself and your environment, and it provides a way of bringing balance, comfort, and harmony into your environment in a manner that is difficult to achieve by any other means.
  • Feng Shui is the study of the relationships between the environment and human life. Discovered by the Chinese, Feng Shui has been practiced for centuries to design environments that enhance conditions for success in life.

Interesting bits of historical Feng Shui confirmation are starting to emerge. For example, recent scientific research indicates that 28,000 years ago, Neanderthal cavemen (located in present-day Croatia) chose which caves to live in based on three criteria: The caves held the high ground in the area, the surrounding area was easily seen from the entrance of the cave, and the water source was easily accessible. These findings show that even our ancestors were naturally aware of the effects of placement in their environment. Interestingly enough, all three of these criteria are in harmony with the basic principles of Feng Shui, which has evolved and become more sophisticated along with humankind. Thus, Feng Shui is as relevant and beneficial to humankind today as it was 28,000 years ago.”

From all this information we got above, here are few conclusion that I’d to make:

1) Feng Shui is not a science because The evidence of Feng Shui  is extremely hard to detect

2)Feng Shui is not a science because the discoverer claims that the knowledge is ancient and hence more credible

3)Those two points mentioned above are some knowledge that I learnt in my high school (Theory of Knowledge class) about identifying pseudoscience, if you want to know more about the pseudoscience, click here.


My Initial Post

Hello Everyone! I am Yuxing Cai from Guangdong, China. I am in the SC200 for two reason: first it is a Gen-ed class which could earn me credit and the second reason is I like science a lot, I like the way that science could make most of the thing in the atmosphere reasonable. I am not Planing to major in Science because I am decide to participate in business major which I may use the knowledge I learn to help my parent to improve my family business.

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