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  1. Zihan Wang

    Why you are doing this course?
    SC, science’s controversy and certainty, refers to people’s critical thinking about current science. Before I took this class, and I was in high school, I have a thought that many findings in the world now is magic. I mean nature is attractive for human, and scientists have given the reliable definitions or guess for all of the known findings such as Bermuda, aliens, and pyramids. Relying on scientific explanations, researchers make the nature more obvious for human’s curiosity.
    When I was young, my parents and teachers told me that if I want to declare the things what makes me interest, I need to read books to get more knowledge. Unfortunately, the book’s knowledge is confusing for me at that time, and there is no science class in middle school and high school. It means I have no opportunity to group talking with my classmates about science questions which makes me confusing but curious. In addition, I want to share my thoughts, maybe absurd, to others who can solve it for me, and at that time, I have made a decision that I will achieve my science dream in the future.
    As soon as I study in penn state, I search the class that relate to science, and I find SC200 class in surprised, because SC 200 class is not only just relating to natural science, but also teaching us how to use critical thinking to judge current science. For my perspective, science is not just phenomenon, if I want to focus on it. Science need to be discussed, and it should have bilateral aspects. There is no absolute positive or negative science thing in the world, and people ought to use brain to think it. In the meantime, after logical thinking, getting your own reliable opinion.
    What’s more, my friends who are one year older than me told me that professor Andrew is knowledge, friendly, and humorous. After their semester on SC200 class were told by professor Andrew, they said science seems more interesting and available for them. For me, professor is same important like content of class, because a humorous professor will have better influence on student than boring professor, and after three classes on SC200, I holds my view that professor Andrew is a great professor what I expect.
    In the conclusion, these reasons prompt me to take SC200 course in the first year, and I believe that in this class, I can contact much fascinating science phenomenon, comprehend useful thinking skills about science, and know how to solve questions from professor Andrew.

    Why you are not planning to be a science major
    Nowadays, I don’t really want to major in science because I prefer making contact with people than with theories, experiments and statistics. Science is a rigorous subject that requires patience and preciseness. However, I am fond of flexible subjects like business. I find that doing experiments and analyzing data can usually be tiring for me. When choosing a major, I assert that I should take personality into consideration. I am not the kind of students who are meticulous about science and always eager to devote themselves to scientific research. Instead, I have passion in business field. As far as I am concerned, a large number of students dream of becoming scientists when they grow up but I don’t think of that now. Admittedly, science can be a incredible major for some students . I just prefer committing myself in other fields. I am not rigorous enough to consider science problem, and I believe as a university student I should learn some basic science knowledge but I don’t want to take science major because of my personality.

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