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Initial Blog Post

My name is Megan Jackson and I was just recently switched into SC 200. I’m a freshman and I’m currently majoring in Advertising in the College of Communications. I’m from Katonah, New York, a small town about 45 minutes outside of New York City. I chose this course because I truly am interested in science, but when it comes to applying my knowledge and abilities, I seem to lose all focus. Science was never my strongest subject in high school, however, I enjoy learning about how our universe functions and how we play a part in it. One of my favorite books was actually written by Carl Sagan (The Demon-Haunted World)!

A fun fact about myself is that I was the co-founder of the American Sign Language Club at my high school, however, we nicknamed ourselves “Happy Hands,” after this scene from Napoleon Dynamite. I wouldn’t say that Napoleon Dynamite is my favorite movie, but there are definitely some funny moments that you can find me referencing. I’m also a huge fan of movies, and I try my best to watch at least one movie a day. However, I think this goal may change now that I’m in college. My two favorite movies are 2001: A Space Odyssey and Amélie!

I’m excited to apply what I learn from this class to other topics I may study in my four years at Penn State, and I’m excited to meet all of you!


(That’s me in the middle)


Initial Blog Post

Hi everyone!

Sorry this is a little late. I’m taking 19 credits this semester and I am just getting a hang of my class load. My name is Abbie Croker and I am from Rockville, Maryland. I am a sophomore and I am taking this class because science is not my strong suit. I like science and I am interested in certain aspects of science but understanding it and applying it to my life is hard for me to understand. I am majoring in Broadcast Journalism and I am minoring in Political Science. Something about myself is that I am also a tour guid on campus and if anyone in this class is looking for a fun organization to join I absolutely recommend lion scouts! This is the link to apply!

This is a picture of me and some other scouts!

Abbie Croker


Initial Blog Post

Hey guys, my name is Michael Thomas and I am currently a senior. I am studying Economics in the school of Liberal Arts. I am from Collegeville, PA which is about 45 mins outside of Philadelphia. For people that don’t know the area I always say I am close to the Philadelphia Premium Outlets and the King of Prussia mall. Honestly, the main reason I am taking this class is just curiosity since I already fulfilled my natural science gen ed requirements. One of my friends is in the class so he recommended I take it to help fulfill credits to graduate. After four years at Penn State I cannot recommend going to the place that matters most, Beaver Stadium. This single place to me brings back so many memories and I am unfortunately having my last football season this year. Enjoy it will you still can. Go State!



White OUt

Initial Blog Post

Hi Everyone,

My name’s Amanda Strassler and I just switched into this class so I’m still getting used to this blog website and everything. I’m from Lee, Massachusetts and I’m a Film major with a Sociology minor. I was originally in Anthropology, but as a non-science major, I found it a bit overwhelming. This class fit into my schedule better and my adviser had really good things to say about it, so I’m pretty hyped for the course. Science was always iffy for me because I’m just terrible at math and the two subjects always seemed to intersect at some point. I do much better in the Arts which is why I’ve stayed away from science and math courses so far.

Here is a link to a <a href=”https://vimeo.com/133844352″>short_film</a> I worked on last semester and here’s one of my most recent drawings.


It’s pretty clear that math and science are not really my strong points.



Hello Everyone,

My name is Ryan Schmidt. I am very excited to be starting my freshman year at Penn State. I am currently enrolled in DUS, but I plan on majoring in supply chain management or Finance. I was very involved in my high school’s mini-THON, and am very interested in becoming involved in Penn States THON. Penn State has always been my dream school. Coming from a small high school, I could no believe that amount of students walking to class on the first day. The transition from my small high  school to Penn State’s massive campus has been interesting, but very enjoyable.

In middle school I was highly considering working to become a doctor. After a few years of high school science, i found that was not my calling. I am fascinated with the unknown aspects of life and controversial science topics in our world. I heard about this class through this  Onward State Article about interesting gen eds. Based off of the article’s review and my brother’s input of the class, I decided it would fit my interests. I am highly anticipating getting to know many of you, and am looking forward to the critical thinking that lies ahead in SC 200.


Ryan Schmidt

Initial Blog Post

Hey guys! My name is Alana D’Agnese and I’m a freshman in D.U.S. here at Penn State! I’m from Westchester, NY about an hour outside New York City. I chose this course, because at orientation my adviser told me this class was perfect for people who dislike science but need to fulfill gen-eds classes.

Even though I am still undecided, I am not planning on being a science major. In high school, I always struggled with science class; whether it was physics, chemistry, or biology. I had a hard time understanding the material and lost interest very quickly. Since college is the time where I am free to explore and study topics that interest me, I want to take classes that put me on track for a major in marketing or advertising and public relations. These two majors will hopefully allow me incorporate my love for art and photography into my everyday life.

Since there’s a color run coming to Penn State soon, I thought I’d share a picture that I took when I ran one a few months ago. At the end of the race, there’s a big rave where the DJ throws out color packets with powder in them. On his count, everyone launches them up in the air and color flies everywhere. It’s insane!


Click here to see a cool video of the color run!