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Cell Phones and Catching Quality Z’s

We’ve all been there. We say goodnight to anyone we might 141222131348_1_900x600have been talking to, get under the covers, check “one thing” on our phones, and then have every intention of going to sleep. However, all too often that “one thing” turns into “multiple things,” and then it’s 3A.M. and our smartphones are still in hand, screens glaring. The other night, as I found myself in this position, I started to think “is this something I should really be doing?”

The simple answer: probably not

According to Harvard Health, smartphones and other electronics give off what’s called blue light/wavelengths that actually make the brain believe it is daytime. This stream of photons (the wavelengths) from our smartphones prevent the production of melatonin (a sleep-inducing hormone) which: causes people to stay awake longer, makes it more difficult for people to fall asleep, disrupts circadian rhythms, and disturbs the sleep cycle. All things that contribute to poor sleep quality and incomplete repair of damages to the mind and body. However, if that isn’t enough to convince you to put down your phone at night, let’s put some things in perspective through a few studies. Continue reading