Cat people vs Dog people

Part of the fascination with society, is all of the different personality types that are present. There’s not just one way to determine personality types either.

Since my pre-school days, I can remember the divide between cat people and dog people, and it seems to never have gone away. As an animal lover, I would always feel the need to say I love both. While this may be true, I’m definitely primarily a cat person.

I’ve always meshed well with cats, and had a natural affinity for them. Dogs, while I love them and get along with them, I just never clicked quite the same.

Cat people continuously have a reputation for introversion, introspection, and intelligence. Where as dog people are known for their more active, outgoing, and personalities that prefer the company of others as opposed to solitude.

An article on Live Science discusses the various possibilities for why people may skew more towards one animal over another.

It could come down to the person’s preferred activities in general. (A dog person will likely want to be outside on a walk, engaging with other people, and bring their dog, where as a cat person may be more comfortable inside reading a book. The cat doesn’t need to go on a walk.

It also discussed the possibility that it could stem from their animal’s favorite qualities. According to the same article, dog lover’s favorite quality was companionship, where as for cat lover’s it was affection.

Another possibility was that people would make their preference based on their own behavior. Cat people tend to be independent, but use caution with other people. So to pick an animal that matches this type of personality can make a really strong connection.

As a cat person often feeling like she’s lost in a sea of dog people, this really all makes sense. (Although one of the traits of a cat person, is non-conforming.)

Something I really love about this class, is that it’s given me the ability to look at almost anything in my life, and seek out the scientific reasoning behind it. Human’s are often searching for answers (even when there are none) but having this type of thinking at our disposal is an extremely valuable tool to get some.

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