Science is not for me

Hello SC200, my name is Jon Shanfelder and I thought I would get the Initial Posts started. I have decided to take this class because, although I am not a science major, I have always appreciated the information that science gives us. We take for granted many of the things science gives us, including but not limited to, cures to diseases, insight into Earth/human history, and general information on how nature functions around us. Although I appreciate true fact from fiction, I am not a science major because my aspirations lie with the more fluid field of criminology. Or maybe I just wanted to enter a field with less ethical dilemmas…breaking-bad

I have also included a link to an article HERE that I thought may be relevant to this course. The article is about how cancer has been catching up to heart disease as the number one killer in the United States. What conclusions have they drawn? Are their sources reliable or is it just clickbait? If so, why is cancer on the rise? Have our grandparents been right all along when they told us of the dangers of our fancy, mobile, cancer phones?


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  1. Wesley Scott Alexander

    I too appreciate and am interested in the information and innovation that science gives us, however like you I have not chosen it to me my main field of study. I also read the article you attached and it only confirmed to me how concerning the issue of cancer is in our society. Hopefully the scientists of our generation can figure out a cure, however in the meantime if only this were true.

  2. Hannah Margaret Mears

    Hi Jon,

    I really liked how you added in questions at the bottom of your blog. One that stood out to me was the one about cell phones and cancer. I found an article dealing with cellular devices and tumors and thought you might be able to find something interesting in it. If not I mean hey I tried, but it definitely gave me some insight so I hope it will get your brain working as well.

    (Cellular Cancer)

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