Tips For Time Management

Tomorrow in class I will be discussing time management as well as throughout the semester. As everyone hopefully knows, time management is a key part of every day life. In particular, time management is crucial in SC200 in order to succeed. There are plenty of opportunities to get ahead of work while taking this class, and I highly recommend using that to your advantage. I wanted to compose a post of some general tips specifically for this class that people can refer to whenever they please if need be.


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I feel that the most important aspect of time management for SC200 is planning. That may seem extremely broad but there are several ways to plan. Below I have listed the things that I believe helped me do well in the class.

  1. Look ahead at your other syllabi: if you have two exams the week a blog period is due plan to do them ahead of time. 
  2. Get your blog post ideas together: one of the hardest things for me was coming up with ideas for the blog posts. I ended up creating a master list for myself of ideas that interested and when I was ready to blog I referred to my list.
  3. Start your blogs ASAP: when writing a new blog post,  the best feature for me was the ability to save drafts. I ended up roughly outlining all my blogs as soon as I had ideas and then building each blog whenever I had the chance. 
  4. Don’t leave everything for the last minute: writing good and insightful blogs and comments takes time, thought and work. That being said, saving all your work for the end of the blogging period will most likely not lead to success in the class. 

I hope this post doesn’t scare anyone because I’m truly only here to help. That being said, I’m going to reference one of my favorite shows as an example of what NOT to do, granted balling a lot is also possible when you work a lot.

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See you all tomorrow!

-Sarah 🙂

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