1-800 Science Skills Wanted


My name is Dana Pirrotta and I am a freshman here at Penn State. I’ve lived more than half of my live overseas, but I have always considered Penn State to be my true home. I was born in State College and raised in Okinawa, Japan.  My dad is an active duty Marine, and his sacrifice has brought us all around the world. My family moves every 2-3 years, which is great because I love meeting new people.  I can’t wait to get to know you guys!

I actually enjoy science, especially biology. Unfortunately, I really, really, struggle with mathematical comprehension, and that makes many science courses especially challenging. I am honestly excited to take a science class that won’t create stress over complex chemical equations and other complicated mathematical excursions.  SC 200 was most appealing to me because it focuses on comprehension, and not memorization. Sometimes it is too easy to get those two mixed up and I believe that strengthening my comprehension skills will make me a better student.

I am not a Science major because I am not particularly confident in my science skills. I could very well be Patrick Star in this photo below because sometimes I ask “stupid” questions. (I am so relieved we can submit questions through our phones!)


My military background has shaped me to love international politics and foreign relations so my intended major is in Political Science. I love learning how various governments function and interact with each other, and my dream job is to work for the State Department.

On a fun note, I love corny jokes, so here are some relatively amusing science related jokes I found browsing the internet. Enjoy!



2 thoughts on “1-800 Science Skills Wanted

  1. Rachel Sara Anton

    Hey Dana,
    I saw your SpongeBob meme and automatically knew I had to reply to your post. I also think your background is so cool considering I have never left the country, and the only place I’ve really gone is Disney World. I completely understand your struggle with math, and I wish that science and math could just separate each other like church and state (I hope you enjoy this because you are a PoliSci major). Here is a link to some more SpongeBob memes. Hope you enjoy.

    1. Dana Corinne Pirrotta Post author

      Hey Rachel,

      This made me giggle so much, thanks for more memes!! I’ve never been to Disney World, so you have that on me. Think about it- an entire world I have never been a part of! Can’t wait to get to know you more in class! I’m not 100% sure if I am supposed to keep including links, but
      here’s one anyways!

      -Dana 🙂

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