Science Stresses Me Out

Hi everyone, I’m Katie Yuen and I’m from Ridgefield, Connecticut. I’m taking SC200 this semester because I absolutely hated every science class I took in high school and fully expected to avoid any science class for as long as I could at Penn State. However, when I heard about this class, I thought it would be the perfect course for me to take to try to better understand science, beyond what I had to learn about in high school. I’m not a science major partially because I never liked middle school and high school sciences, but also because that idea that Andrew brought up on Tuesday of searching for a black cat in a dark room really stresses me out. I would never be able to handle repeatedly going into research without any clue if I’m looking in the right place or if my, or someone else’s, idea was even remotely true. I much prefer being able to read about, write about, and discuss ideas or information that already exists.
One scientific topic that I’m very interested in is Parkinson’s Disease, which I have an article about HERE, because I really want to learn more about diseases, how they occur, and how they can be found and treated. This picture will give you an idea about how many people are affected by this disease:
sc200 pd

Thanks for reading my first blog post!

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  1. Parker Jax Yochim

    Katie, I too have always found diseases to be fascinating. I has always baffled me as to how a person can be fine one day, then suddenly ill the next. This is especially saddening in the case of Parkinson’s which slowly erodes away at what most people cherish most, their memory. I found a very interesting article on Parkinson’s online which can be found here:

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