Chemistry Ruined Me

My name is Hannah Morgan and I’m from Newbury, Massachusetts. I am currently in the Division of Undergraduate Studies and considering a major in the business field. I originally signed up for this class because my advisor didn’t give me any other options, but I can’t imagine a more fitting way to fulfill my science requirements. I’m genuinely interested in the results of scientific studies and the discussion of their legitimacy. I recognize the value of scientific studies to society, I just don’t have any interest in being the person who produces the results. I can’t imagine spending years searching for an answer that may prove to be elusive. I developed a disliking for the scientific process and its frustrations and failures in middle school, and by the time I got through high school biology and chemistry, a science major was out of the question.

Ultimately, I think I was deterred by the hundreds of chemistry jokes and memes that lined the walls of my high school chemistry classroom, like this one…

Chemistry Joke

I like the idea that this class is about critical thinking rather than facts, as every science class I’ve ever taken revolved around memorization. One of the topics that interests me the most is the origin of evil and what drives people to such a lack of compassion, as discussed in this article.

2 thoughts on “Chemistry Ruined Me

  1. Abigail Louise Edwards

    I couldn’t agree more! After taking Chemistry in high school I developed a deep loathing for science in general. Although, I do think that this class will be a great way for us to fully understand how science relates to the world around us. Things like where does evil come from is a great example. This topic will, im sure, bring up many interesting unanswered questions from our peers. As well as thought provoking conversations. Here, is a link to a Ted talk about where Evil comes from. Enjoy!
    P.S. I was born in Boston, Mass! So thats pretty cool!

  2. Emma G Schadler

    Hey Hannah! I feel similar about a lot of things you mentioned. I find reading about new scientific discoveries and advancements fascinating, but the idea of being one of the people facilitating those discoveries doesn’t really match with my outlook on my life. I’m also interested in having the chance to see science in a different light from high school and being able to discuss things that are actually interesting or relevant, rather than just going over formulas and memorizing equations all day!
    My favorite topic of science to talk about is space, so here’s a rather interesting article about what may be the ninth planet in our solar system, called Planet X!

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