Chemistry ruined science

Hi my name is Gulianna Garry and I’m from Holmdel, New Jersey. I am currently undecided; however, I am planning to major in something to do with business and later go on to law school. Growing up in New Jersey, I often spend my summers on the beach with friends and family. I also love visiting New York City, for I am originally from Brooklyn, New York. I’m excited to see what Science 200 has to offer since it isn’t your ‘typical’ science class!

Science has never been a strong suit in my family. Both my parents tried to avoid as many science classes as possible when they were in school, so it was no surprise that I would struggle with science. When I was younger, science was enjoyable, I loved making the solar system out of cakes and coloring imprints of leaves. Yet, the day I began chemistry I knew I would begin a long hatred of science. Throughout the year I struggled understanding the conversions of mole island and where to put the decimal. After long nights of studying and still never understanding any concepts, it was official that chemistry was ruining my life. So, why would I take a course that specifically has the word ‘science’ in it’s course name? My advisor had informed me that this class was not your average science class and that you wouldn’t have to remember formula’s or rehearse definitions, so I figured it seemed like a class I would enjoy. After taking only two classes of this course, it is clear to see that this is no ‘typical’ science class and by using your own thoughts and theories, you could discover your own answers. picture


It is pretty clear why I am not a science major – I am just not good at it. Although science helps shape the world into a better place, I couldn’t picture myself constantly studying it. Even though I am not very good at science, I do still find it quite interesting. I enjoy reading different articles about new discoveries found throughout the world. I believe this article, would be interesting to share to the class because it is one step closer in believing there is life somewhere else in the galaxy!

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  1. Melissa Raquel Fraistat

    Hi, sounds like we had the exact same experience with chemistry…it was probably my least favorite class I’ve ever had to take. I also like to learn about space/life in space. Here is an interesting article about about an Earth-like planet that may be able to support life some day that you may find interesting.

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