I enjoy science

Hello my name is Griffin Brooks and my major is Professional Golf Management. Although this sounds like the furthest major I could choose from the science field, science has always been my favorite subject to learn about, and it actually is related to golf! In order to successfully complete this major I will be taking turf grass management classes and learning about different types of soil and grass used to make playing conditions on a golf course the best they could possibly be.

Unfortunately throughout my high school career I have had numerous negative experiences with the sciences classes I attempted to take which is why I did not choose to go into this field of study. I enjoy research and traveling the world which is what science allows me to do. Last April I went on a research trip to Costa Rica exploring the different terrains and hiking through the Costa Rican rain forest.

costa rica


I am more of a visual and hands on learner so this class seems to be what I am looking for.  I’m looking to take more science classes during my time here at Penn State. This course interests me because I have always enjoyed learning about the world I live in. I have found science in general to be very intriguing  because it is forever changing. This class seems very interesting to me and I’m excited to see what I can get out of it.

Here is an article on the tragic event that is happening to Italy, which is a possible topic we could be covering in class!

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