I like science, but don’t like it enough

Hi, my name is Dante Labricciosa, and I am from King of Prussia PA, you know the place with the really big mall. I am a freshman at Penn State, following in my brother’s footsteps to become a Finance major, so science was never really that relevant to me in my college standpoint. I am completing this course to not only just fill my required Science general education courses, but to expand my knowledge on the general objects and actions around me, because science is really in and is everything. I love to critically think and figure out problems, and this course seems to fit that with the theories and questions. And as Andrew has said, there are no dumb questions, which is great because I ask a lot of questions that in my head seem dumb. I am not planning on being a Science major because I took no interest in any of my basic science courses in high school. In chemistry and physics, I was never relatively “good” at the applied math. I enjoyed biology, learning about actions of humans and animals, but could never get into the in-depth information that composed the course. But overall, I am not being a Science major because I would just rather do something within the business school, as I am all about business…


Though I am not generally interested in pursuing a career within the Science industry, I find certain topics interesting, such as this article of new sea creatures being discovered in very-low depths. I love learning about animals and organisms in general, so hopefully we can cover topics including such.



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