If only Science in high school was this interesting

Hi everyone!

Before scheduling, I was trying to do everything I could to avoid taking any science credits. Unfortunately, as most of us were probably told, I was told I still had to take another science class. I was upset about the fact that I would be facing another semester of the same science I knew in high school – dry biology lectures, complicated physics problems, and two-hour-long chemistry labs.¬†However, I decided to take this course because it was recommended to me by an upperclassmen friend of mine. She told me how engaging the class is, and how much she learned in it, so I decided to give it a try. I can tell already that this class will be better than anything I’ve ever experienced in high school science.

I’m a Comm major, so I prefer reading, writing, and creative-based projects. Science and math have never really been my strong suit. To me, these subjects were boring and difficult, and I never had enough interest in them to major in Science. I am hopeful that this class will allow me to achieve a greater understanding and appreciation for science, though! Maybe I will learn to have a love for science, it just was never taught to me the correct way. Here’s an article that highlights what we talked about in class the other day; it throughly outlines the problems in America’s education system pertaining to science class.


(Above: an accurate depiction of how my labs usually turn out)



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