Science Major? No.

Hi everyone, my name is Jillian and I’m from New York. Honestly, I took this course because it was something that stood out to me when choosing my classes. I needed a general education class and nothing seemed to catch my interest. Psychology, religious studies or any science class didn’t catch my attention. Personally, I’m not a big fan of science. In high school I would take the courses because I had to, not because I wanted to. When choosing my classes, I specifically said to my advisor that anything science I did not want to take. A little after telling him that, he showed me this course. He said it was specifically for students who were not science majors. Once I saw that, I knew that was the class for me. After reading the summary of the class, I was hooked.

Being a science major was something I knew from the start I did not want to do. Science has never been something that interested me because it was always a subject where there was one way of doing something right. There are too many formulas, rules and definitions for me. I’m more into digital design, where the creativity is endless. This class interests me though. For the first time ever, I’m in a science class where we are trying to figure out something that does not necessarily have an exact answer!

Although being a science major is not for me, occasionally I think to myself how great it would be to be a doctor… that though is only when I’m watching Grey’s Anatomy. Who doesn’t think they have the ability to be a doctor just from watching Grey’s?







A link I figured  could share with you all was this one, click here to check it out. It’s odd yet kind of interesting at the same time!


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