Initial blog by yours truly

Hi class, My name is Audra Laskey and I am from Annapolis Maryland. I am taking the course science 200 because of the honest and brutal fact I needed a science Gen Ed class. I was told by my adviser and other students this class was interesting and would get my science credit over with. So here I am!

I am double majoring in Broadcast Journalism and political science. My ultimate goal is to become a sportscaster on a major network like ESPN (if you see me on TV, shout me out). Ever since I could sit up and watch TV, this has been my dream. Science has never been my forte, and never will be (ever).  My interest have mainly been in writing and English classes.

When I was told taking a science class was mandatory, this was my face……


Although going into this class, I was skeptical, but I think this will be an eye opening class which strays away from the basic common core curriculum. I am excited for the new things I will be learning and comprehending, not just regurgitating answers.

Since I am an Annapolis native, HERE is a link to the best thing science has ever created!!!!!!!Check it out fellow non-scientist!

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  1. jgb5274

    Hey Audra, after reading your post I can tell we are in this class for similar reasons!! I think it will be a cool class that we will both be interested in since its a lot different from the type of science we don’t really like. I think its really admiring that you know exactly what you want to do when you grow up, especially something along the lines of public speaking. Heres a link I found that has to do with seafood health since your link is related to crabs!

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