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My name is Jordan Smith.  The main reason I chose this course is to fulfill a general ed science credit.  I am not planning on a science major because the science classes I’ve had previously had not left me terribly interested in science.  I’ve had the standard biology, physics, etc.  in high school and they never really gripped me.  Since this class appears to go into many different science related topics, I am hoping that there is at least one aspect that i can gain an interest in. Here’s a pretty interesting article on scientific evidence on climate changeImage result for science

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  1. vek5025

    Hello! I really liked your article on climate change especially since that topic came up as important in our first class. I can not understand how people and politicians still deny climate change. For an Insect class that I took last year, I watched a documentary for extra credit that showed how politicians and special interest groups create data about climate change existing, but it is not backed up by scientists or real research. It compared this problem with that of cigarettes in the 1950s. Back in the 1950s, companies denied health risks associated with cigarettes and hired doctors or celebrities to back up their claims. The same thing happens today with climate change. Here is a link to an article that I found that is relevant to this topic.

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