Hi everyone, my name is Emily Tuite and I am a freshman. I am from Brockton, MA, which is twenty miles south of Boston. In high school I played softball and I figure skated, which I am hoping to continue in college. I took this class because I like learning about topics that will make you think critically about certain interesting subject matters of science. Another reason as to why I am taking this class is because my advisor told me this was a great course for non-science majors and I needed to fill my Gen Ed requirement. I am not becoming a science major because in the past I have never been interested in science and the classes that I took in high school were very boring. When I read the course description for this class I was happy to see that it is was about controversy because it meant that you can be creative and express your opinion about some types of science that did not have a concrete answer.

Something that I am very interested in are parallel universes. The reason why is because I think it is so cool to think that with each decision that we make, it could have turned out differently if we had chosen the other option. For example, if you had chosen to play baseball instead of hockey. Would you have had the same friends and experiences as you would have if you played baseball? Here is a link to an interesting article about parallel universes.



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