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Hi my name is Valerie Murphy and I’m a sophomore at Penn State. Initially, I was just looking for a science class to fill a gen. ed. requirement for my majors (criminology and English). This class seemed to be the most interesting out of the other courses listed as it promises to take current scientific topics and apply them to everyday life, so there’s a relatable factor involved. I like subjects that I can make connections to because then I’ll have an easier time remembering the information. I feel like this class is going to make me think and actually force me to be involved with the material. Some courses I’ve taken have been such a bore because there was no other interaction with the lesson besides lecture and note taking from the text book. I’m looking forward to gaining a better appreciation for the realm of science.

I have a higher appreciation for literature rather than equations and formulas. I’ve always gravitated toward the classes that entailed writing, reading, and public speaking. Subjects like chemistry, physics, and biology were always frustrating to me because it seemed like an entirely different language and most of all, dull. I understand that science is more than important, it is essential to life as we know it. However, I’d rather be the one benefiting from the break throughs being made, not actually performing the steps to get there.


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Here is a link to an article on the New York Times that discusses the recent increase in price for EpiPens. I think this article demonstrates how science is not a one-dimensional field. It can cross over to the political and economic realm; directly affecting your everyday life and decisions.

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  1. David Louis Haselkorn

    Hey Valerie, I read your post and I really enjoyed the topic you chose to talk about. I was on the NY times science section and this article came up. It is pretty crazy to see the substantial increase in the price of EpiPens. I also liked the fact that the article broke down the users of them and how their insurance would go about it or lack their of. The CEO of the Mylan (EpiPen Company) has been receiving a lot of scrutiny that you can read about in this article.

  2. Jillian Nicole Beitter

    Hey Valerie! Great post and great link! I can really relate to it since I have a nut allergy. EpiPens are pretty much a part of my life, so this definitely affects me. Like you said, it’s crazy how science can even incorporate economics. No matter the price of EpiPens, people are going to continue to buy them because they are a necessity. For those of you who don’t know, EpiPens are extremely vital to people with severe allergies. Click here to read some more information on EpiPens.

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