Science? Eh. Political Science? Yes.

Hi guys! My name is Arianna Del Valle and I’m from Puerto Rico. I chose to study at Penn State because I wanted a big school with a great academic program, which is not something commonly found where I come from. I’m majoring in Political Science, which is a science… Does that make me a scientist?  Let’s pretend it does, I feel cool.

Even though I’m not a proper science major, I actually do like science. It was one of my favorite subjects at school because it was always changing. There were many different things to learn about, each day brought a new discovery from some corner of our planet and galaxy.  However, even though I liked science, I never really felt a passion towards it.

Biology and chemistry were fun classes, but I found that the type of science I liked was the one that directly involved the study of things in our world today. That being said, I still find things like Newton’s law of universal gravitation and Darwinism interesting. We see examples of these monumental discoveries in our everyday life; for example, Dwight from The Office, explaining how survival of the fittest works… kind of.

Dwight Survival of the Fittest

However, I was far more engrossed in the science that answers every-day questions; which is where this course comes in. Instead of studying things that we already know- like our solar system or the Earth’s layers-, we’re combining current scientific events and critical thinking skills.

All in all, I’m taking this course because I love science- even though I’m not technically a science major- and it covers topics I’m genuinely interested in. I mean, just check out this article on jellyfish lasers (yes, jellyfish lasers, I know); it seems like the type of topic we’d cover in SC 200 and not in a regular science course. Let’s be real, this class is gonna be bomb and I’m extremely excited to learn mind-blowing facts I can whip out in my next conversation. Plus, Andrew’s accent makes it all the more interesting.


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