Science for Non-Scientists

Hello class!

My name is Kacey Gill and I am a freshman here at Penn State and as you probably could have guessed I am not a science major. However, unlike most of you I presume, I love science. Science is actually one of my favorite subjects.


I have always been baffled by our existence, space, time and how the universe came to be.What drives me crazy–Sometimes I think about it until my head hurts because it is truly amazing. That being said I am taking the course because after I dropped my Egyptian Civilizations course which I was really looking forward to by the way, I needed another Gen-Ed and my adviser suggested this course. When she described it to me it sounded interesting immediately. How could I not want to be in a course that forces you to think about science and the universe when I do that on my own. Hopefully I can actually get some answers to my burning questions.

Anyways you’re probably wondering why I am in a class designed for people who hate science. Well, I am here because no matter how much I love science and science theory, I suck at science! Chemistry, math and all the other hardcore science courses are not my strong suits and as a result are the reasons I am not a science major. I hope to be a telecommunications major; don’t get me wrong I love my major and my future career path but I would have loved to be able to be a Computer Engineering or IST major because computers and technology are of interest to me.

So as one big sum up I am here because I love science, but science does not love me back.

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