Science is the Worst

Hi everyone, my name is Maddy and I’m from Blue Bell, Pennsylvania. I’m an advertising major in the College of Communications. I’m so happy to finally be here at Penn Sate, since I have wanted to come here for college since sophomore year of high school. I’m really excited to take SC 200 with you guys, and hopefully I’ll get to know some of you better!

I decided to take this class because it really stood out to me when I was looking for a science class to fulfill the gen ed requirement. I liked the description of the class, and it really appealed to me since I am someone who does not plan on being a science major. I chose this class because it specified that the class was for people who don’t like science, and that describes me perfectly. I’m happy that everyone taking the class isn’t majoring in science, because I think that makes it a lot more interesting that we have such different interests.

i am not majoring in science because I really don’t like math or science, and I never have. I would much rather write a paper for an english class, or be tested on the history of the U.S. than sit down and finish a page of math problems or complete a science lab. The way I’ve been taught, science questions have to have one answer, and one answer only. Science and math have both always been very confusing for me. I am excited to take this class because I hope to be able to see science in a different way. I hope that I learn to really appreciate science instead of just ignoring it because I don’t like it.

This is sometimes how I feel when I have to answer questions in science class:

Sometimes I'll Start A Sentence And I Don't Even Know Where It's Going - I Just Hope I Find It Along The Way (1)

I do think that there are certain concepts of science that are really interesting, but I just don’t like the way that science was taught to me during grade school and high school. There are mny things in the field of science that I am fascinated by. For example, here is an article that I thought was really interesting even though it’s related to science.

I enjoyed reading some of your blog posts and I’m excited to take SC 200 with you guys!

4 thoughts on “Science is the Worst

  1. Delaney Ann Flynn

    Hey Maddy! I can related to your dislike of science and math due to the strict confines of only one right answer. I also prefer the more open ended subjects of English and History, where there is more room for interpretation. Your article was very interesting to me because both my parents are regular coffee drinkers, and so am I. Here is a link to a webpage that gives a possible genetic explanation for why some drink more caffeine than others.

  2. cth5186

    I really enjoyed reading your post. I completely agree with many of the things you stated. I am more of a history and english student than a science or math student. Science has never been something I enjoyed to do or learn in class, but it certainly arises many interesting questions.

    Many of the discussions we have in class will be much more useful for the real world than those topics we learned in high school. Very excited to start the course. Good luck!

  3. mmb6071

    Hey Maddy! I really enjoyed reading your post, especially since I relate to it so much. In high school, I definitely felt as if every science question posed to me had one answer and one answer only, and that frustrated me beyond belief.

    I also love your article! As someone who drinks what others would consider unhealthy amounts of coffee, I found the link between genetics and coffee fascinating. Neither my mother nor father drink coffee, but both of my brothers and I do. If you’re interested in learning some of the up’s and down’s of coffee drinking, check out this article!

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