Sorry Mom!

Hey everyone! My name is Alexis Paige and I am a freshman. I am taking this class because I thought it would be interesting to learn science as it pertains to me. For example, this article is interesting to me because I can actually see the science happening. Knowing the atomic mass of Argon has never really come up at any point in my life thus far and is not very exciting.

argon pic

I also was excited by the fact that we will be learning about subjects that we choose. So I will have a choice in what I learn which is pretty new for me. Hopefully, taking this class will  make me more educated on some of the more interesting things being done in the world. 

Why am I not a science major? My mother actually attended the Eberly College of Science way back when and, as sad as it made her, I was never very interested in science. The only science I ever found very interesting was biology. The reason I am not a science major is because I would rather look at the big picture rather than investigating every little pixel. I like my life with a little more mystery! I would rather go my life without knowing the sheer vastness of the universe than the slightly discerning feeling of being a tiny, insignificant piece of a world I cannot even begin to comprehend. I would like the unknown to stay unknown for the most part.

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  1. ajw5945

    See, you are different from most people. You seem to be embracing the unknown, and ultimately are okay with it. I respect you for that. Myself, on the other hand, am not “afraid” of the unknown, but it could definitely keep me up at night. Lots of things keep me up at night though, like big foot, outer space, and the number of trees in the earth right now at this moment. Anyways, this article is about the fear of the unknown. Enjoy the read!

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